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Hello Readers!
Welcome to the story of the Next Avengers, one of my favorite aspects of the MARVEL universe that has not been expanded very much.

Just a few things before you start reading! (:

~This is the relatively unedited  first draft of the first book I ever wrote. (: that being said, I promise my writing style improves as the chapters go on and is significantly better by book 2 (: so please pardon any grammatical/spelling errors, but if you see one feel free to let me know.

~I am not following the comics, or the movie adaption in terms of plot. I am using the canon characters that are members of the Next Avengers.

~In order to see whose point of view each chapter is from I have written the chapter name as NAME- TITLE. Chapter POV will alternate.

~This book is part of a series. I've had some questions about this so I figured I would explain it up front :P

1-"Next Avengers: LEGACY"~First book of The Next Avengers Universe
1.5- "Winter's Crusade"-Spinoff book that occurs during the events of "Legacy" (continuation of Bucky's story)
2- "Next Avengers: Destiny"-Second Book of the Next Avengers Universe

(Next Avengers Roleplay that is open to all)

(A Next Avengers Spin-off entitled "Femme Fatales" that is a collaboration between marvelous_author and I can be found at her account, marvelous_author . It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out!)

~This book would receive a PG rating with a brief PG-13 moment. There is no inappropriate content or excessive violence.

Thank You for bearing with me and I hope you enjoy the tale of NEXT AVENGERS!


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