Hoshimi's Pov:

It was a nice morning today and I start to go to the park we'll this is when i say good-bye to my friends and including Tasuku we'll i miss Tasuku and i forget to say i'm will become his girl friend it feels like different between me we'll in my childhood i was friends with tasuku when his parents are alive as we'll at the present I was grow and also i felt different when i around Tasuku but same times . We'll i'm still wearing my necklace and i start to watch the children use the buddfight game and i start to smile it was a old memories same my father thought me how to play the buddfight game .

And also tasuku is an export of buddfight then me really . And i start to look at the sky and suddenly my phone rings and i got my phone out and i got called from Andre and i start to press the button call " Hoshimi u gotta see this "" What is it Andre ? "" We'll Zoc and Hachiro made something and he wants u be the test to use the portal "" A portal ? "" Yeah a portal form different worlds like dragon world , legend world , Katana World and more to discover "" U kidding ? "" Nope "" Ok Where are u ? "" We'll u might find out yourself and i met u in the entry ok "" Ok Andre bye "

So i start to rush to the BuddyAgent's basement and i put on my uniform in buddyagents so yeah and Buster was right beside me and if we reach to the BuddyAgent's entry's i saw Andre wearing his uniform we'll it's stripe color purple . we'll i guess Andre was a new self wow .

" Hey Andre u look new ? " ( Hoshimi )

" Yep is bc i'm a buddyagent mission and making gadget " ( Andre )

" And i'm also apprentice in making gadget my mentor was-" ( Andre )

" Let me guess Hachiro-san ? " ( Hoshimi )

" Yes and he is the most longest old buddyagent's inventing in the whole year " ( Andre )

" I see we'll then so can u lead me the way the one u say the portal to the other worlds ? " ( Hoshimi )

" Sure follow me " ( Andre )

He said to me and i follow him and we talk all the way and suddenly we stop on the wall and i do the face ' really ' so i look at Andre and he look so u know friendly and he start to typing in the faith screen and so i start to talk to him .

Andre's Pov:

We'll i was quit busying my first time in the year so yeah i was typing the faith screen and they kinda smart u know if is faith it munch easy to hid the the screen " Andre are u sure this is the right way when Hachrio and Zoc making a portal in different worlds ? " said Hoshimi behind . And i start to cleared my throat first and i start to spoke " Yep i doing the right directions to them and before that , the password is ' 12468 BSO ' i said to her and yeah so we enter the hidden room and it close behind us .

To Be Continued ........

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