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Pen Your Pride

Reid Garwin {The Covenant} Fanfic/1shot

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"Annaliese! Girlll, we're going to a party tonight!" Kiara yelled breaking my focus. "Did you hear me? Anna!!!!!" She called again, knocking my homework aside and sat on the table crumpling the rest of my work.

"Yes, I heard you kiara I'm not death and get your ass off my shit, your fucking up my essay." I snapped and pushed her off the table and gathered up my things shoving them into my bag. "you need to relax, now what party are you talking about?"

"Well the party at the Dells! Duh, earth to Anna, what other party would I be talking about?" She smiled as we made our way out of the library and down the east corridors, winding staircase to the parking lot. Passing a group of guys who nearly shoved us in over the railing. "Assholes!" She yelled and they replied with just as pleasant comments.

'No thanks, I think i'm gonna have to pass on this one ki ki." I sghed and thought for a quick change of subject before she tried to guilt me into going. "Is It me, or do the school grounds look and have an earie feel today? what with all the fog and drizzle?"

"Whachu mean no!? and yeah it definitely does right! I hate fog and rain, makes my hair all frizzy and shit, but again, no? WHY NOT!? Your usually down to go to parties, why no? " She whined following me across the lot to my car and blocked the driver side door. "Annaaaa why?"

"Simple, 1. I'll end up having to be the dedicated driver, 2. You'll shit faced drunk and puke everywhere, and 3. The cops ALWAYScome, do you know how many parties that've been busted at the Dells already? I'm trying to keep my school recommendation here, not everybody has the money to pay to go to this school, i sure fucking don't so I'd rather like to keep my scholarshipas well thank you very much." I replied with a smile and shoved her aside. I climbed in and threw my bag into the back as she made her way around to the passenger side, slid in and continued her obnoxious ranting .

"Oh Come on Anna, please! Oh please! Tylers gonna be there! We have to go! She begged The whole ride to the front of the school shakking my arm.

"Why don't you try Catching Tyler's attention on your own time Kiara! I'm not your fucking escort!" I yelled and she flinched, letting go of my arm. " Not everything is about you, I have my problems to deal with." I mumbled trying to calm my anger.

"................All the son's of Ipswich wil Be know Reid's gonna be there too, especially since Tyler's going. "She replied a little more softly and I nearly lost my nerve

"So fucking what." I snapped and took a deep calming breath. "why should I care? what does either son of Ipswich have to do with me? Reid in particular?" I say barley over a whisper as we cut through the main lot heading past the dorms and onto the main road.

"What doesn't he have to do with you?" She replied snippily and I looked at her seriously. "Anna! Watch out!" She yelled and I slammed the breaks just in time, avoiding running over two students and wishing I had just kept going after getting a better look and recognizing Reid and Tyler.

"Shit, why lord? Why me?" I asked under my breath as Flash backs of nicky's, liquor, a dark room, skin, sweat, pain, heat and pleasure clouded my mind in vivid colors and scents.

"Holy shit! quick skills Annaliese, your like a fucking ninja or something! Oh hey Kiara, lookin' good." Tyler praised breaking my reverie and fron the corner of my eye I could see Kiaras face glowing red. 'like they couldn't have stopped the car themselves or walked away perfectly fine, if I hadn't stopped on my own.

"Yea, thanks" I replied to his ridiculous comment and excuse to lean into my window, Reid right behind him. It took all my strength to keep my eyes forward though I could feel the burn of his on me.

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