Chapter 4

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I am overwhelmingly exhausted. I just feel oh so tired and sore and hungry. But sleep is my number one priority at the moment, after I've gotten off stage though. I hobble on my crutches to the ramp that leads to back-stage and wave goodbye one more time to the fans. The boys and me head to the dressing room for cold showers and food. I can't slip into little Niall until we are on the bus, so I just relax on the couch. However, Harry doesn't want to let me do that it seems as he picks me up and takes me with him for a shower, yippee. Note my sarcasm.

Once we get on the bus, I feel funny. Its like I can't breathe and I can't sit still. My good leg cant stay put and overall I'm distressed. I clamber onto Zayn and rock myself back and forth in his lap. Soon enough I am relaxed as Zayn gets the memo and rocks me. Louis deposits a baba between my lips and I begin sucking, as he also tucks my blankie under my chin and my pacifier is given to Zayn for once my baba is finished. I know this trick like the back of my hand. They'll wait until I've finished the bottle, slip the pacifier in to replace my baba and rub my belly until I doze off. They do this every time I'm tired and it always works. Except today.

Today I still feel funny and after 5 minutes of Zayn rubbing my belly, I start wiggling. Liam comes over and takes me to the back. I know what's coming and start whimpering and hiding my face with my blankie.

"Come on Ni Ni, let's change you for bed. I think you're just over tired." Liam tells me as he lays me on the changing table and straps me down.

He grabs a sleeper, fresh nappy, blanket, wipes and powder from under the table. I sulk, not wanting to have my nappy changed. It's the one part of little Niall I don't like. Ironically its to a point that I cant even help the accidents that happen if I don't wear a pull up as big Niall.

Soon, but not soon enough, Liam has changed me into a clean sleeper and is swaddling me in preparation for bed. Once done, he puts me down in the bunk and runs to clean up real fast. I hate to admit it but I am starting to feel tired. I watch the mobile for a short while, as my eyelids get heavy. Then a door shuts and I'm startled enough to let put a surprised cry. Except once I start, I can't stop.

I start wailing and blubbering and Liam holds me tight. I'm afraid cause I can't hang on to him, so I cry louder. I want my blankie and my pacifier, but I don't get either so I wail more. Liam tries to calm me by holding me tight and bouncing me and rubbing my back, but that only distresses me more. I don't understand what's happening, but it feels right even though I don't feel so good.

Soon enough it's made clear why I don't feel good, as I vomit over Liam's shoulder. Great, I'm sick.

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