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I Do (a short scene of Viv and Sean in their future):

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 Hey Geeklings 

Firstly, I don't think I've ever thanked each and every one of you for supporting my story, from the very beginning. You have no idea how grateful I am to every person who just read silently. Before BP, I was still a 'no-name' kind of writer, whose stories hardly were read by a few. So BP has in a way, come true. It lived up to its name, garnering reads I hadn't predicted. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As for a sequel. Originally, my plan was to write one, but then high school got in the way and by the time free time hit me in the face, I found that I was content with a single one-shot scene of Viv and Sean's life in the future. Maybe one day, I'll go back to their lives and maybe I won't. You, as the reader, have the choice to come up to your own conclusion of the characters.

Many of you, by now, know that the main theme of the story was coming of age and realising that sometimes, in the process, your innocence is lost. The whole point of Viv's character, was for me to explore what both positive and negative aspects of a 'makeover' would have on a character. Yes, I was aware that what Viv did was technically 'cheat' on Dave, but at the same time, I wanted to sympathise with her.

It was her first love, but at the same time, she was falling in love with Sean-the so-called natural way.

I didn't intend to offend anyone, and by all means, I don't condone having affairs etc. But I also hadn't intended to write a novel about a perfect character, because frankly, such a character doesn't exist.

**Second edit**

I keep coming back to add bits I left out here and there.

Firstly, the story of BP posted on Wattpad is a very rough draft and I've never come back to edit it (lack of free time). So I apologise to all my fellow Grammar-Nazis out there. Also, I was pretty young when I wrote BP and in hindsight, there are a few areas of the story I would change in order to give it more depth.

The inspiration for BP itself really came from my sudden interest in teen-fiction stories and popularity itself. Also, I was going through this weird 'shallow high school girl' phase and it sort of portrayed my life through a dusty window which blurred out the not so pretty aspects of being a teen.

I still don't think I'm a great writer. Heck, all I do is string words together and hope they make sense to you. The fact that people were inspired by my writing is more than what I could have ever asked for. So seriously guys, you are honestly the best readers a girl could ask for ♥

Thank you all


Mona-Mae ♥

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