Request 4 Mariah

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"MARIAH! I love you."

"Lucas if you loved me you wouldn't of cheated"

"I'm sorry, okay? I wish I could take it back but I can't."

"Lucas, get your damn hands off me."

"Mariah, don't you walk out that door."

I felt a pain in my stomach, I grunted.

"Just-Ow!" I held my stomach

"Mariah? You okay?"

"Leave me alone, Lucas."

I walked towards the front door, we been arguing back and forth for hours and hours.


I walked into the hospital, my stomach was hurting.

"You're pregnant?"

"I'm what?"

"You're pregnant, a month actually and you're threatening a miscarriage."

"Okay Thank You." I said

She nodded and I got my things and walked out contemplating on whether or not I should tell Lucas. Or even go back to him. Nah. He choose this so he has to face the consequences .


5 Months After the Pregnancy, Baby is now 5 months old

I woke up to my screaming, crying baby. I got up and sighed walking into the guest room of my moms house and closed the door behind me and when i turned around . There he stood.

"Lucas, get your damn hands off my baby!"

He clicked his teeth, "She's not just yours, Mariah. She's mines also. She's my beautiful soul you didn't tell me s- nothing about!" 

"How'd you get in my moms house and how'd you know about my baby?"

"Our baby." He corrected holding her rocking her from side to side, "Your mother told me and she invited me in the house."

I sighed walking out the room going into my moms room, "Mom! Wake up. I know you ain't sleep."

"What, Mariah?"

"Why'd you let him in here?"

She sighed, "Baby just because he did you wrong don't make your daughter pay for it. She needs a man in her life and no man can be her father like her father and Lucas wants to be in her life!"

I sighed and thought about what she just told me and went back into the room with them, he finally had put her back to sleep.

"I see you don't want me here so Imma leave." He said

I nodded.

"When can I see her again? Tomorrow?"

I nodded.

He kissed my cheek and left. I went over looking down at my little angel and kissed her., "Goodnight boogabug."


Lucas Coly...

My dumbass let go of something good, amazing, beautiful. Intelligent. Conservative. Now I have a daughter, 5 months I missed of her life already, I missed taking care of her mother , holding her when she was first born. Part of me blames her for it and part of me knows it's because of me. And I plan on making us a FAMILY. A real loving family.


"Hey, YMN."

Mariah's mom smiled letting me in, "Hey Lucas. Back again?"

"Yeah, just came to talk to Mariah and start from fresh."

She smiled and nodded, "Hurt my daughter again, son it's me and you."

"Yass ma'am !"

She smiled and went upstairs calling Mariah. I sat on the seat and Mariah's best friend came downstairs and handed me the baby, "Mariah will be down in a minute."

I nod and smiled at my princess, "Hey Mirabella."

She smiled at me with those big light brown eyes.

"So, what's up your sleeve now Lucas? Come and be in your daughters life for the couple months and than cheat on her mom again and leave?"

I swear I could never stand her best friend for nothing.

"Actually that is the plan." I said rolling my eyes sarcastically.

"Oh is that right?" Mariah asked coming downstairs standing in front of me with her hand on her hip before taking our daughter , "Get out!"

"Mariah, I was being sarcastic! I'm not leaving you and our daughter and for damn sure I'm not gone cheat on you this time! Let's make this right! I want us to be a family. I wanna be in her life."

"No, you don't ." She said rubbing Mirabellas back

I sighed and stood up kissing her lips and wrapping my arms around her waist kissing my daughter, "I want us to be a family. I changed and I want you to give me a chance to prove it."

She sighed deeply.

"Don't do it ." Her friend said

"Will you shut up, tia ?" Mariah said sighing

Tia, yeah that's her name. Forgot. Don't really care.

"I guess Lucas." Mariah said

"I love you M."

"Don't make me regret my decision!"

"You won't ."


I know It was lame and I been sorta off this page but I been going through a whole lotta shit, it's just ridiculous. Anyways., i had writers block for a loong time and hopefully I'll be back on my game ~Tune.

R.I.P to My Cuzin! Shot and killed couple days ago to an senseless act of violence. Jealousy! Cruel world #ColdWorld... RIH Russell 😇😩 (Rest In Heaven)

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