Request 4 Sydni

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I walked inside the school and I grabbed my books out my locker when I was closing my locker, Some guy was standing behind it, I looked at him

"Can I help you?" I asked in a rude way

"Yes, you can actually" he said eye-rapeing me

"I know you didn't." I said looking at him and pressing my books against me even more

"What?" He asked all innocent

"Stop, eye-raping me."

"My bad, couldn't help it."

I scoffed and started to walk off when he grabbed my hand, "Hey, I'm sorry"

"Yeah, whatever"


I walked into the gym and began rehearsal since there's a big game coming up and we need to be perfect.

"Aaleeyah, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I'm taking a break "

I sighed "Aaleeyah, you missed practice 3 weeks straight,"

"And? It's the same ol lousy routine,"

"If you was here , you would know it isn't the same ol routine, little miss know and all"

She ran down the bleachers and punched me, I pushed her back and some guys came running over and the last person I wanted hands on me was the one who grabbed me off her

"Get your hands off me."

"Chill, ma! I'm just making sure you're safe."

I scoffed, "I can handle my own, sweetheart"

"Damn why you got to be so cold?"

"Maybe because you was eye-raping me not to long ago."

"I'm apologize, I came off on the wrong foot."

"You think?" I asked fixing my clothes

"I'm Lucas."

I looked at him, "Sydni."

"Oh, I know. I asked about you."


"Wanted to know what I was getting myself into."


"How bout I take you out tonight?"

"No" I said walking off



Damn he didn't even make it to one! LOL DAMN IM GOOD!

"Yes?" I answered not turning around laughing to myself

"They told me you was hard to get but damn didn't think this hard."

I fixed myself and turned around, "Who is they?"

"Some people in my circle."

"You should've listen to them."

"Come on, Please just let me take you out."

"Fine, Pick me up tonight at 8."


I walked away and out the school, I was smiling but wouldn't let him know that.



"So, what she say bro?"

"She said yes, after she made me chase her ass in the hall,"

"But, trust me, she worth it."

"How you know all this shit?"

"I used to date her. But, I fucked up and I'm not right for her, but you are." Dario said

"Alright bro, thanks."

"No Prob, just treat her right man"

"I will"

We dapped and I started to leave the school when Aaleeyah grabbed me

"What Aaleeyah?"

"Babe, I miss you."

"Aaleeyah, We was never together. You was just a side piece, I smashed and I dashed."

"So, that's what I was like to you?"

"No, that's what you put yourself out there to be"

"So, I'm a whore?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Just wait til I see your bitch Sydni."

"I swear, if you say shit to her, You'll regret it"

She smiled and walked off


She just kept walking off, I walked out and found her talking to Sydni.

Sydni came over to me and slapped me

"Sydni, don't believe her."

"I'm not going"

"Sydni, don't believe her."


I grabbed her and kissed her

Aaleeyah face turned red


"Sydni, Aaleeyah and I never was together, what me and her had was last year. All I did was fuck her and diss her, that was it. I don't want her, I want you and only you."

Sydni looked at me.


She kissed me back and I smiled and she grabbed my hand and we went out

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