Concepts of the dark edge on the soul

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Concepts of the dark edge of the soul

We all have this edge where the light can’t appear,

Where our feelings won't steer,

This place feels as if you're hollow,

But needless to say something worse will soon follow.

The shredding of blood goes through your mind,

Leaving scary pictures behind,

Confusing you, messing you up, this won’t just stop.

This intensity won’t give up, it will devour you until

you stop, you request defence but it won’t wake,

it will only shake, it trembles with fear and won’t steer.

Steerless as you seem to be, it will never let you go, it will never set you free,

It will chase you down, until you’re six feet deep,  deep under the ground.

There where’s no sound.

It seems you have given up the fight, what low qualities of despite,

Now I can’t help you out, can’t help you rise.

You have fallen into the deep, into this demolishing creed,

But no need for sorrow.

This will go away, but chances are that you will follow,

Learn to walk alone and do not follow, it will lead you into hollow.

Look at this with open eyes, doing it a favour with your lies

But at the end you’ll have to see, look trough

And let it be.

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