Birthday Boy!!!

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"Akira~" Ruki practically sang out. Reita shot his head up from his bass and gave his friend a confused look. "What is it?" he asked but Ruki only smiled and looked away leaving Reita even more curious.

"Hey come on. Tell me?" Ruki shook his head still smiled at him teasingly. "Where did your manners go mister?"

Reita face palmed with annoyance and said in an overly sarcastic tone, "Please?" This made Ruki giggle loudly at Reita who still looked unamused.

"Well? Are you gonna tell me or not?" Ruki shook his head 'no' and zoomed out of the room before Reita could strangle him to death. Reita sighed and slumped back onto the couch he was sitting on and continued strumming his bass.

"I wonder what that was all about..." he said to himself. Then, out of no where, Ruki appeared behind the couch he was chilling on and nearly screamed as loud as he could in Reita's ear causing him to have a half heart attack. "Ouch! Ruki what the hell?!!" Reita yelled holding his now ringing ear. Ruki laughed evilly and walked out of the room again leaving Reita completely and utterly confused. What was with him today?

~~In another room~~

"He doesn't remeber does he?" Kai asked sighing. He always forgot his birthday, well, at least until they celebrated it with him and the thousands of tweets reminded him. In another part of the room, Aoi was standing completely oblivious to the conversation going on litterally in the same space as him.

"Aoi, you remembered it to right?" Uruha asked tilting his head to the side. "Huh? What? Me?" Ruki crossed his arms and gave Aoi a disapproving look. It seems like it's up to these three to pull this off.

Aoi still stood there, his mind wondering everywhere else but the fact that it was one of his best friend's birthday today. "Geez Aoi, you're hopeless." Ruki stated. Aoi made no sign that he heard anything at all.

"Ok, so how are we gonna do this Ruki? What's the plan?" Kai asked. Both him and Uruha leaned forward a bit to listen to the master plan Ruki had thought up weeks before this day being the loving friend he is.

"Okay, so....."

~~Back to Reita~~

I wonder where everyone is? Hmmm..." Reita sat his bass down into its respective case with great care and made his way out of the room to search for the other members. Everyone seemed to not be here at all and Ruki was being spazzier than usual. Something was up Reita decided.

He opened just about every door on their floor and each of them had no signs of life in them whatsoever! He was really scratching his head over this but he didn't want his brain to start hurting so he passed it off as them being in the middle of a meeting somewhere.

He went back to his little room and opened it to screw around with his bass some more. He continued like this for a good hour or so until a knock was heard on his door. He nearly jumped at the sudden noise and made his way towards the shut door.

The gap increased in size revealing a tiny chibi that jumped in front of him and grasped his hands, dragging him out of the secluded room. Practically ripping off his treasured noseband, Ruki re-tied it onto Reita's eyes as a makeshift blindfold.

"Shut up and let me lead you." Ruki demanded. It wasn't like him to be so demanding and Reita knew that, making him all the more confused and as of now, freaked out! "Ruki what ar-" "I said shut up." Reita silenced himself immediately. What the heck was going on?

They had walked for a couple of minuets through the company building. To what room? Reita didn't have the slightest clue.

After the journey to the unknown room, Reita felt Ruki's hand slip away and heard the click of a door knob and the squak of a door opening slowly. Then he heard a voice (Aoi) counting to three then, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!" the blindfold fell off his face and the sight before him made him tear up in happiness.

He was speechless. He had totally forgotten that it was his birthday today and seeing everyone in there to celebrate it with him made his heart swell.

"Everyone...Thank you so much." he whispered. Everyone laughed good heartedly and began passing out drinks. Reita looked at Ruki who was still at his side holding his hand and when he tried to let go out of nervousness, Ruki's grip only tightened.

"You know, I was the one who planned this all out so you should at least let me hold your hand." Reita blushed and covered it with his right hand because of the lack of a nose band. Ruki giggled knowing what he was hiding and pulled him over to a table that held his birthday cake.

"Oh my God." he stared in awe. It was his favorite, a Kit-Kat cake. Kai came up to him and gave him a hug from the side. "Hehe you're welcome Reita. I made it myself, well, with the help of Ruki to." Beside him, Ruki was giving some 'cut-it-out-before-I-kill-you' looks but Kai only laughed and walked away to join the others in happy chatter.

"Oh my, you certainly had the biggest hand in this didn't you Ru?" Ruki looked away and blushed. "Shut up." Reita chuckled and picked up the cake knife beside the said dessert and asked the vocalist if he would kindly remove his hand from his own so he could cut out a slice of cake for the both of them.

Ruki sighed and complied making Reita smirk once more. He took a closer look at the cake and noticed the characters "Rei-chan Birthday~" were spelled out in black icing along with the signatures of all the other band members and Staff. It looked so good, he couldn't wait to take a bite out of it.

Within all the excitement, he totally forgot to take a picture to remember this joyful moment, and worst of all, a picture of the cake...

~~AN/ Probably based off a true story XD I read Reita, Ruki, and Aoi's twitter earlier today and thought it was a great idea to use them and create what happened behind the scenes of Reita's birthday. Hope you enjoyed~

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