Chapter 2

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"You again!" They both shouted in unison.

"You know each other?" Mr. Makarov asked them. "He's the one who almost killed me this morning and caused me to be late!" Erza answered.

"Hey! My car didn't even touched you!" The blue haired man blurted. "That's why I said "almost"." Erza gestured her fingers to the word almost.

"I'm not working with you Cat Lady."

"Neither am I! Would you stop calling me that!"

They kept on fighting and fighting. Until Mr. Makarov got annoyed and decided to end the argument.

"Would you two stop it!" Everyone in the room was silent as the CEO of the company spoke. "You are going to work with each other wether you like it or not! If you really don't then the door is as big as ever for you leave!"

Everyone including the two fighting was frightened by the sudden anger of their boss.

"Now I want you two to make up. I don't want the company to loose another employee because of you. You must work together because you two are both in same marketing team. If I ever saw you again fighting, you're both fired! Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." The two nodded. "Very well. Then I must go now." Mr. Makarov then left the room. As he left the room a dark aura surrounded both the blue haired man and the scarlet haired woman.

"Hey why don't we introduced ourselves." Natsu said breaking the silence that surrounds them as the two glare at each other. The blue haired man then looked at Natsu. "That's not a very bad idea."

"I'm Jellal, Jellal Fernandez. I'm your team's new marketing consultant." The blue haired man with a red tatto above and below his eye spoke.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel." "My name's Wendy Marvel." "Bisca Connell." "I'm Max Alors." "I'm Evergreen." "Just call me Jet." "Droy." "Hi I'm Juvia Lockser."

Everyone introduced themselves except for a certain scarlet haired woman.

"Hey Erza! Aren't you gonna itroduce yourself to our new team mate?" Natsu asked Erza. "No, thank you." Erza responded and crossed her arms as she leaned her back on her chair.

"That's Erza Scarlet, she's our field manager." Wendy said with a smile on her face. "I think I'll just call her Cat Lady." Jellal smirked as he looked at Erza.

Erza then looked at him. "What are you looking at?" Erza said as cold as ever. Jellal looked away. "Nothing, why are you so cold Cat Lady?" Jellal said mockingly.

"Would you stop calling me that!" Erza almost shouted at him. "Why would I? It suits you." Jellal said laughing.

"Why would the term "Cat Lady" suit me?" Erza asked gesturing her fingers on the words Cat Lady. "It's because you're like a cat." "What's that suppose to mean?!"

Once again they started their argument. Everyone else of the team sweetdropped because of their childish fighting.

"Please Erza and Jellal stop fighting." Wendy said. "Have you two already forgotten what Mr. Makarov said?"

Upon hearing Wendy's statement Erza and Jellal stopped their argument. "You're right Wendy." Erza said. "Thank you Wendy." Everyone else said.

"Alright then, maybe we should discuss our marketing strategy." Jellal started off.

"Summer is about to come. Since our company is a clothing line, we must show how much our clothes fit summer. And what best represents summer? Beaches of course. So we must take our photoshoot in the beach." Jellal explained.

"One question, in which beach resort?" Evergreen asked. "There are a lot of beach resorts here in Fiore." Bisca stated.

"You're right. We have a lot of choices, but we must find an excelent beach resort in Fiore that fits our photoshoot." Jellal continued.

"My friend's family owns an island resort." Erza said which shocked everyone. They thought Erza would not work together with Jellal.

"An island resort?" Everyone gasped. "Yeah. It's located in the east of Crocus. I could asked her if we could held the photoshoot there." Erza suggested.

"What's its name?" Juvia asked. "It's Love and Lucky Resort." Erza said. "Love and Lucky Resort?!" Everyone gasped again.

"But that's one of the best resorts here in Fiore." Evergreen said. "How can we ever held a photoshoot there?" Jet asked. "What do you mean?" Wendy asked. "Umm Hello? It's very exclusive and probably impossible to get a reservation." Jet answered.

"Oh come on Jet. Nothing is impossible. Besides Erza said she'll talk to her friend to make a reservation. Right Erza?" Natsu said positively.

"Right. I'll call her right now. Excuse me." Erza said as she went outside the meeting room.

After a while Erza returned. "So?" Jellal asked looking at Erza. "She said Yes." "Alright!" Natsu cheered.

"Ok, now we have our venue. Next we need is someone to model our clothes. Any suggestions?" Jellal asked.

"Gray-sama, I mean Gray Fullbuster. He's a great model and one of the most famous models today." Juvia said blushing like Erza's hair.

"It's settled then. We just need to contact him and wait for his response. We still need a female model. Any suggestions?" Jellal said.

"Jenny." Droy said. "From Blue Pegasus?" Jellal and Erza said in unison. "Yeah. She's really famous. It would really make our products more attractive, if it would be modeled by two famous models." Wendy said. "She's right." Evergreen agreed.

"So it's settled then. Gray Fullbuster and Jenny will be our models if they agreed. The venue will be Love and Lucky Resort. We'll held the photoshoot in 2 weeks. We still need to wait for our models' response." Jellal said.


hey guys, it's me Yen, I hope will like my story. I know it's still awful, but it'll get better I promise.

Thank you very much for reading and please stay with me. Until next time. If there is really a next time. Anyway bye.

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