Chapter 3

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I walk in my house and replay the events that happened. Aaron kissed me(sort of) and saved my life. Now I have a pounding headache and I am so looking forward to cuddling my blankets and going to sleep. But unfortunately things never go my way because my mother is sitting on the stairs looking very tired and pissed.

"Where have you been?"

I guess you could say I forgot to let my mom know where I was. Its not my fault that she's never home.

"You care why?" I snap at her. My mother and I are not close, she works at a bar and a gas station which barely pays for the bills and her alcohol that she must have every night.

"Your my daughter and your supposed to tell me where you are, you know that. So spill."

"I was at a party." I muttered. I don't have time to make up a lie, I just want to go to bed.

"Next time tell me, or I'll take your phone away."

"Whatever." I mutter once more as I walk past her to my small bedroom. When I close my door I hear my mom mutter, "I need a drink."

*Next Morning*

I wake up and can't help but think about Aaron. He's just so dangerous and sexy, but I would never actually date him because first of all, he doesn't date and second of all, he probably feels like punching me in the face, for what reason? I don't know.

I arrive to school and go to my first class, history. Mr. James is literally the sexiest teacher to ever walk the earth. All the girls swoon over him and that's why we all sit in the front of the class, and the guys sit in the back.
"Good morning class, today we have a new student, his name is Will Parker." Mr. James announces while the new guy stands next to his desk and waves then makes his way to the open seat next to me. I must say, this guy is not bad looking, he has a very genuine nice look to him. He's the type of guy that I would date. He has brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, he's muscly but not the intimidating type. I give him a small smile and wave in which he returns with a wave and the cutest smile I've seen in a long time.

I whisper, "Hi, my name's Maeve."

"I'm Will" he whispers back. "I know." I chuckle since Mr. James literally just introduced him. He's cute. And just like that, my thoughts of Aaron completely vanished.


I walk in the room and take a seat at the table I always sit at during lunch. Aubreys already sitting down, but I notice she's not alone this time. Will is sitting next to her having a nice chat. I sit and acknowledge their presence with a simple "hey".

"Hey Maeve, Will was just telling me about his non-existent love life, isn't that right Will?" Aubrey exclaims. Well that's Aubrey for you.

"Um..yea I guess." He says shyly, which I don't blame him, he is new and we are talking about his love life.

"Way to put him on the spot, Aubrey. So rude." I say. To turn the tables on my best friend I say, "So what happened last night Aubrey?"

"HOLY SHIT! Maeve holy shit." Aubrey yells, suddenly remembering something.

"What? Say it already!" I yell getting impatient with her.

"Jake" she says in the hinting voice and that's all she says for me to know exactly what she means.

"Wait, you and him..."I question.

"No, we didn't do anything! But he did ask me to homecoming!!" She says while squirming in her chair.

"Wait who's Jake?" Will asks completely confused as to who we're talking about.

"Hes only the hottest, most kindest, most badass, most sexiest..." As she continues to ramble on about Jakes amazingness, I find my eyes wandering to a certain table with a certain someone sitting there alone.

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