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I raced through the halls of the hospital, room 404, room 404.... there it is, i looked at the person crouched by the bed," Oliveria, please eat something, you've been in here for a good amount of hours this isn't good for you." I said.

"I'm fine, I won't leave this bed until, he wakes up. What are you doing here, are you here to criticize your cousin." She spat.

" No," I answered ," I grew some balls and grew up.... I'm sorry for the other time, I was being a jerk, and I just realized that half my life, I lost my best friend, and now he lays here probably hating me. "

" Jake, he doesn't hate you, he just wants a friend and a family member who understands what he went through, that's all. You're not the bad guy here." She smiled.

I stared at him, his face blank like the last page of a book.

I grew mad at myself now, for not being there for him.

"Can we talk outside, you could also need the fresh air." She hesitated, and I knew what she was thinking, what if he woke up while we were out, might I miss my chance to tell him I'm sorry?

" It'll be for just a little, I have to get this off my chest. Please." I pleaded.

She nodded and followed me out the door.............

".......So, you're telling me that you were jealous of Arthur? W-w-Why , is there or was there anything he had that you didn't master? " she asked puzzled.

It was silent for a moment.

" The brains, he had it all, he came home every weekend with a fist prize in his hands, I hated that feeling, jealousy, it was very foreign to me and then whenever I saw him, I ignored him.

Once, he came by my house for the weekend, I brought some friends over and excluded him, I was a jerk.... And then when you started to pay attention to him, that had my blood broiling, and I treated him like crap. I treated you, like crap just because I was not smart enough. "

I felt my ears become hot and it took me a while before I knew Oliveria was pulling my ears. " You don't listen do you? What is this, I don't have a brain. Listen very closely.... You could not be any smarter then what you are now , why do you think the ladies love you ?"

" Well I shouldn- " The sound of the panicking nurses and doctors filled the room. " Mam he wants to see a Jake Parker, family? "

" He's awake?" Oliveria cried. " Mam family first then friends and whoever later please."

" Livvy, I promise you , I'll let you in." I entered the room and closed it behind me.
Olive's Pov.............

I sipped on the coffee Jake had bought for me, I moved my legs in a fast mode, it was a habit. I stood up then sat down, and stood up again then started to circle the room. A lady with white hair, approached me her jewelry making the glistening sound of church bells on Sundays.

Her purple bag matched her designer coat and her boots of a mauve color one that was very enriching to the eyes. She stuck her hand out to me, " You must be Oliveria, Arthur told me a lot about you. "

" I'm sorry, uh you are?" She smiled a bit, "Where are my manners, sorry, my name is Charlotte, Charlotte North Govenci these people's grandmum."

" Oliveria Pangu, Arthur's friend."

She motioned for me to sit, l walked to the bench and sat ," He told me about you when I visited him here, you are one lucky charm."

I scoffed, " I don't understand."

" Oh , but I do, you are the girl who took away their hearts, " I tried to speak but she interrupted me," I've seen the way Jacob looks at you, and I've heard how Arthur speaks about, question is, what are you going to do about it? "

She then left , and the clicking of her boots were soon snaps in the distance.

The rest of the family gathered around her at the cafeteria hearing the news, and from the looks on their faces, it looked like it was not good.

"Oliveria, he wants to see you. " the nurse anounced Jake came out, with redened eyes. "Good luck. " I entered the room, the beeping nose getting louder and louder, as I got closer to him. "Hey, " I nodded, "

I'm sorry, I was being a jerk," he coughed. " Hey, save your strength, you'll need it for the graduation ceremony next week." He laughed, I think I have enough, thanks. "

His coughed suddenly got harder," You lied to me , didn't you?"

He explained everything, and it all made sense it was a time bomb in his body, he knew but didn't want me to worry, I was still though a bit cross with him.

"You know what, hey, hey hey, save your breath, it's your story, and you are going to tell it to everyone. You will go through this and we will be together forever, just please don't leave me too. "

I sobbed in his sheets, he lifted my head with some of the strength he had left. "Be quiet, I have a question for you. "

"Anything, you name it. " I said.

" Will you marry me? " He asked me. My heart beat fast against my chest. I did love him, what was keeping me from saying 'Yes'?

" You already know my answer silly."

" I know, but I want to hear it from your mouth. "

"Yes Arthur Blexter Pilot Parker, I will marry you." I cried, and kissed him.

Suddenly, his breathing had gotten worse and his eyes filled with tears " Do you Oliveria Pangu love me? "

I frowned, " Yes, yes I do. Why would you ask me that? "

" If you do, " I grew impatient and called the doctor, "If-if if you love me, then love him for me." No.

" Him, W-wait no , no n-no what do you mean by him? Arthur, answer me, p-please..what do you mean..." Tears rolled down my face, and emotions ran through my body.

I shook his body so many times, maybe he would wake up.

The doctors came in asking me to leave.

I kissed his lips one final time and ran out the door.

For some reason, I felt as if this were a movie, I lose everything and gain something good in return, but I just didn't see it.

Jacob ran up to me but didn't bother asking,

"We were going to get married." I cried showing him the ring and buried my face in his chest . Just what part of the movie is this?
How was it?

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