Chapter 12 WEIRD TIME

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"I'm sorry...." He said then he brought me into a hug.

This was totally a weird time for me. Why did he kiss me? And I kissed him? >< 왜?! Suddenly, he broke I broke the hug.

"Why are you doing this? All you had to say was sorry." I said and he shook his head.

"Ani. I had to show you how I felt when I yelled at you and to say sorry also. I didnt mean to yell at you. I'm so sorry Jayu. Will you forgive me? Please?" he asked.

"Uhh~. sure why not." I smiled.

"Ahh Kamsa!!!" ^^ he said and he hugged me again and we were both happy.

"Yeah yeah ㅎㅎㅎ" :D I said and smiled at him."

"Uhh... I was wondering... can I sleep here for tonight? just one more time?" ^^ he said.

"Ani, ani, ani. you slept here already!!" >< I said. I got really frustrated cause he slept here already. I don't want him in here anymore ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

"Pweez? Pweez?" Chan asked, suddenly someone knocked on the door......??

"Yah!!! Open the door..... Please??"

"Doesn't this person know what time it is? It's 9:00 pm!!!! Why knock on my door?! AISSHH!!!" >< I yelled. I opened the door. and it was..... KAI?! :O

"Kai? U-uh w-what? W-what do you want? :O I asked shyly

"I was just checking on you. To see why was there so much screaming?" Kai said. He looked so hot!! Omo!!! His arm was on the door while looking super hot omo!!!!! :O am I falling for Kai now? Oh no!!

"U-uh Ani *nervous laugh* I'm just playing a game on my phone hah." I said nervously. how am I talking to him?!?! Omo!!

"Ohh haha. well can I come in?"he asked.

"U-uh no hah."-

"Jayu! Come here for a sec!" Chan said as he walked up the door while me and Kai were talking.

"Oh! Look who's here!" Chan said.

"Annyeong chan. Why is he in your room?" Kai asked.

"B-because-" I said then chan cut me off.

"BECAUSE....... I ha-" chan said then Kai cut him off.

"A-a-ah! I asked Jayu". Kai said to chan.

"B-because, chanyeol wanted to say apologize on what he did earlier." I said nervously.

"Oh ok hah. Well, I'll see you later Jayu. Goodnight <3" Kai said and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and winked at chanyeol.


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