Chapter 2- New School

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Jessica's POV 

"Jessica! Wake up! We have school and you have to take Isabella to daycare."

Well, I guess it's time to go to school. I got up from my bed, walked over to my window, and opened the curtains to let the sun lighten my room up.

I walked over to the closet and decided what to wear. I changed into some light blue skinny jeans, a white tank top, a black leather jacket, and my white high heels.

I walked over to my vanity and heated up my straightener. As that heated up, I started on my makeup. I did a light smoky eye with some mascara and eyeliner. Once I finished with my makeup, I grabbed my straightener and started to straighten my hair. 

Once I finished with that I unplugged my straightener, and woke up Isabella.

"Come on baby. Wake up." I said as I lifted her from the crib.

She woke up slowly. I grabbed some clothes from her dresser and changed her quickly. I grabbed her baby bag and my school bag and headed downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen and smelled pancakes. I smiled as I saw Jason cooking.

Yea my brother cooks! Got a problem with it? I love him though. He's my personal chef. If I tell him that though, he'll probably kick my ass.

"Hey little sis." He said.

"Hey Jason." I said kissing his cheek. 

We're really close so he doesn't mind when I do that. I pretty much do that with all my other brothers.

"Hey there little girl." He said, while pinching Isabella's cheek.

"I think I'm going to have carry a shotgun today." Commented Tony, coming into the kitchen.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes.  

Overprotective brothers nowadays.

"I second that." Said Luis, coming in behind.

I rolled my eyes again. I kissed each of their cheeks too, but they groaned and wiped it off with the back of their hands.


I grabbed a plate of pancakes and dug in. My brothers' did the same. I made a bottle for Isabella and fed her at the same time.

"Hey Tony, are you riding with me?" I asked him.

He looked up from his plate, with his mouth full of mouth, " Hell yea"

"Ew! Tony, close your damn mouth! Learn some manners." I told him.

He rolled his eyes but closed his mouth.

We all finished eating and I said my goodbyes to my brothers' and parents. I handed Isabella to Tony, went to my room quickly,brushed my teeth, grabbed my car keys and headed to the garage.

I walked over to my black 950-hp Ferrari. Pretty cool huh?

I unlocked the doors, got in and started the car. I backed out into the driveway and closed the garage. Tony had placed Isabella in her seat already. He was jumping in his seat a little bit. I laughed silently.

I shook my head, drove out of the driveway and we headed to the daycare. I handed them Isabella after 20 minutes of fussing. Me and her are connected at the hip.

Since I had to take Isabella to daycare, we were a little late and when we entered the school parking, everyone was staring at my car. I rolled my eyes. It's Miami for crying out loud! .

I parked in an empty spot and turned off the car. I placed my sunglasses on and turned to Tony, "you ready?"

He nodded and we grabbed our stuff and got out of the car.

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