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I paced my room after Alana left, my heart aching. I didn't want to lose her. Not after I just got her. I could see the pain in her eyes when I told her I was staying. She'd wanted to rescue me and was probably hurt I would choose this place over her. But what could I do? I couldn't leave my sister here to these monsters. And I couldn't leave Chris without knowing for sure he was the enemy. Last night's talk had assured me he was not as bad as I originally thought.

I growled and ran my hands through my hair in frustration, my gaze flickering to Lily, who was calmly watching me from her perch on my bed. "What?" I barked.

Lily blinked. "She's pretty."

I sighed and sat down beside her. "Yes, she is."

"And that's your mate?" She asked curiously.

"Yes." But maybe not for as long as I thought, I added to myself.

"You need to talk to Chris." Lily murmured before grabbing my hand in hers and squeezing. "I think Mom would've loved her." With that, she left.

I went in search of Chris, checking his room first. I was glad he was there; I hadn't wanted to check the rest of the house, in case I ran into Dad. I closed the door behind me and locked it before marching over to his bed and slapping him. He gasped and bolted upright, his eyes glowing faintly before he recognized me. "Sammy?"

"Tell me what's going on here or I'll kill you like I was accused of so long ago." I snarled, baring my teeth at him.

Chris sighed. "Sit down, Silver."

I jolted at the sound of my name on his lips and almost forgot he'd been the first one to call me that. I sat down and watched as he got up and pulled his shirt off. I started to growl but then I noticed the leather band around his bicep. It looked like my collar without the spikes. I didn't realize I'd voiced that thought until he nodded.

"It's the same thing only smaller. Dad didn't want me cutting it from my body again. He knew I wouldn't risk losing an arm." He admitted, sitting down.

"How did you come get me then? These are set for us not to leave the house." I frowned.

"He released me. But he said he'd kill Lily if I didn't bring you back." Chris shook his head. "I knew you'd have my head if you knew I'd let her die so you could live. As for your pack mates, that wasn't me. Dad sent some of his men with me. To be sure I did the job I guess."


"Let me explain. Don't interrupt. Now, the day you found me in the woods, bleeding and still as death, was the day Dad collared me. I tried to leave. To escape. Made it into the woods before collapsing due to the shocks." Chris shook his head. "I was in so much pain that my claws extended and I tried to rip my own throat out in an attempt to get it off. I must've succeeded because when I woke up again, Mom was standing over me, arguing with Dad. I was alive because I healed. I don't know how, but I did. I tried to get up when he hit her. I tried to protect her. But I couldn't."

His shoulders shook and he bowed his head. I knew he was crying but I didn't know how to comfort him. "He locked her up in the cells. He locked up anyone who wasn't willing to follow his rule, whether they were my pack or his. And then he collared them all and let them out. Some killed themselves in the first year. A few began to submit to him. Others had already been on his side to begin with. He had Lily turned. He's been trying to breed her with a guy from my pack named Luke. You remember him, don't you? Well, they're mates. Luke and Lily. And despite her age, they're serious about each other. He hasn't touched her like that, mostly because he doesn't want to raise his kid in this household. He's praying for some miracle to come along. It's why no one is allowed to see you but me and Lily."

Chris took a deep breath and met my gaze. "He knows that you can destroy him and free us all and that's why everyone is excited you're here."

My eyes widened. "I can't---"

"Yes, you can. I watched you with that Alpha who had your mate. I have been seeing your destruction left and right. You forget, I followed your ghost for the last eleven years." Chris grabbed my shoulders suddenly. "You can bring him down, Sil. You're our only hope."

Lily burst into the room, keys dangling in her hand. "He has them!" She gasped. "He has them both!"

"Who has who?" I asked, frowning.

"Dad has Alana! And a girl named Lauren?" Lily said breathlessly.

I jumped up and ran down the stairs, my heart pounding. I was praying it was a nightmare, that it wasn't real, but when I rushed into the dining room, my worst fears were given life. Alana was strapped to the table and Lauren was tied to a chair. Whereas Lauren was conscious, Alana wasn't. My father was seated across from Lauren and he was staring at Alana in awe and fascination. "Father," I hissed out.

His eyes flickered to me and he smiled. "Hello, Samantha. Nice of you to join us finally."

"No, Silver, turn around and leave. Leave now before he touches you!" Lauren yelled, trying to escape her chair.

Another man, one I'd know anywhere, smacked the back of her head. "Shut up." He growled and Lauren's eyes met mine.

"Hello, Silver. You must be the illusive shadow everyone wishes to be but can never find." An unfamiliar voice said. I turned around and was shocked to see a guy about an inch or so taller than me standing there. "I'm Loren and I'm here to help."

Ohhhhhh, who's Loren? What's with Lauren's tormentor? Why is Alana tied down? What happens now? (; Keep reading and find out!!!

Also, what do yall think of Chris now?

-lyssie jean

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