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My eyes focused on the house that Silver had grown up in. I watched people go in and out and I watched people stare out the window, strange almost collar looking things around their neck. Lauren was in the tree next to me and there was pain etched into her expression. She hadn't told me much but I could tell this place brought back some bad memories. I was curious, but didn't care enough to ask yet. I was too focused on Silver.

The sun was coming up and I knew Mark, Maya, and Eric were pacing holes a few miles away. Lauren offered to watch my back when I suggested I scout ahead. Now here I was, in front of the house of untold horrors that was holding my mate captive. My heart hurt as I wondered what would be happening to her and my expression grew hard. "What do you know about this place?" I asked quietly, my voice like steel.

"I've only been inside once, but I'm certain that's her bedroom." She pointed to one of the front windows on the second floor. I followed her gesture and frowned, my mind already working on ways to get up there. "But that's if they put her in the bedroom she had as a child. If they put her in the cells, she'll be down there." My gaze shifted to the shed about ten feet from the side of the house. "I spent most of my time there so I'll check it out tonight while you get in her bedroom."

I nodded my head. "Sounds like a plan. What about the others?"

"We have to leave them where they are. If they're found, they'll be collared and thrown in the cells." She sighed.

"Collared?" I repeated, turning her direction in surprise.

"Her parents have ways of keeping their prisoners. The electric collar is their favorite choice. They collar them and let them think they can escape, when really, you'll be lucky to get it removed before the full moon." Lauren shuddered. "It's not something you want to try."

I gave a small nod of agreement and dropped from my branch, landing on the ground silently. I shifted as Lauren dropped beside me and we ran together to the clearing we'd left our pack at. Eric ran over to Lauren immediately, taking her into his arms the moment she was human again. Mark and Maya were sitting next to the fire they'd built and I walked over to them, telling them of what we learned. As expected, Eric hated the plan. Apparently, Lauren had explained her past and he didn't want her going back in there alone.

I wondered idly how Gavin and Jared were, but knew they would catch up eventually. As Lauren and Eric argued it out, I paced, thinking.

If she was in her room, would she want to stay? This is her family after all. Her brother is back from the dead. She mentioned a sister the night we mated, when I told her my past and she told me some of hers. Would she want to stay for the sister she left behind? What about this collar business? Could she leave if she wanted or is she prisoner?

And will she marry me?

The question brought me to a halt next to the trees. I stared around the sunlight clearing in a daze. I loved Silver, yes, but marriage? I always thought I was Miss Independent. I have had a hatred and distrust for marriage due to my parents' marriage and my grandparents' and... The list goes on and on. I've seen a lot of marriages fail. I didn't ever want to be in that situation. Love shouldn't be about a piece of paper.

And yet, I want to marry Silver.

I could see it now. In my mind, a scene was unraveling. Silver was in a white wedding gown that swirled around her legs and her hair was curled up against her head, a little clip holding it up. Her eyes would light up as I briskly closed the distance between us, my own dress dancing about my legs. My black hair would be down around my face and laying on my breasts. Within moments, our lips would meet and I would look down to see two matching silver bands. One on her finger and one on mine. Like our souls, our lives would be joined completely.

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