Preference #55: He gets jealous of a male stripper

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Louis:“Lou! I’m home!” you shouted as you closed the front door behind you to be greeted by him coming around the corner, pulling you into a hug. “Welcome back, my love! How was your weekend?” He grabbed your suitcase out of your hand and pulled you to the couch to hear all about your weekend at your friend, Lily’s, bachelorette party. “It was pretty fun, at least what I remember of it was,” you laughed and handed him your camera. “We took pictures. I haven’t seen them yet though.” He turned on the camera and looked through a few pictures, listening to your stories about them. A few pictures later, he got to a picture of a cop in the middle of ripping his pants off. You laughed at the memory, but Louis turned to you, waiting for the explanation. “What? We wanted to send Lily off to get married in style,” you shrugged. “Yes, because nothing says ‘style’ quite like a tequila pistol,” he muttered. “Awe, you’re a little bit jealous, aren’t you?” you asked, giving him a tight hug. “No, I just think I should be the only guy you should see naked,” he replied quietly. You kissed him on the cheek. “You’re the only one I like to see naked.”

Niall:When you told Niall about your friend’s birthday party, you didn’t think he would care when you mentioned a male stripper. “What? There was a guy… stripping?” he asked, slightly horrified. “Yeah, that’s sort of what a stripper does…” you shrugged. He was silent for a moment. “Was he… bigger than me?” You laughed at his question. “Niall, he didn’t get fully naked.” Niall still didn’t drop the subject. “Okay then, did he look bigger than me?” “Well, yeah, I guess… but I’m pretty sure it was padded.” He still didn’t look convinced. “Oh Niall, quit PMSing. The size of your dick is fine.”

Zayn:You were out at a club with a few of your friends after having a little argument with your boyfriend, Zayn, about space. Except this club wasn’t just an ordinary club- it was a male strip club. After only a short 15 minutes, you got a call from Zayn. You sighed and answered it. Before you could say anything he was rushing apologies until you had to stop him, telling him that you forgive him. “Thank you, boo. Where are you? I’ll come pick you up.” You gave him the address, not wanting to say what the place was called. You bid your friends goodbye and went to wait outside for him. A few minutes later he pulled up and you jumped in his car. You sat in the silence with him until he broke it. “Why were you at a strip club?” You didn’t answer, blushing to hard to actually form a response. “Are they better looking than me?” he asked quietly, trying to hide his jealousy. “Trust me when I say no. Just. Trust. Me,” you assured him, cringing as the images of men with horrifying large muscles crossing your mind.

Harry:You had just gotten back from your own bachelorette party to be greeted by Harry, your fiancé, smiling at you as he pulled you into a hug. “Hey baby, how was it?” he asked, leading you into the kitchen to get you some coffee to help your obvious hangover. “It was fun. But can you believe Robin got me a stripper?” you laughed quietly, taking a sip of coffee. “What?!” He stepped back. “Why’d she do that?” “Relax Harry, it was a joke,” you sighed, and he stepped back to where he was. “But you had a stripper? A male stripper?” You nodded. “And you had fun with someone else while he was getting naked?” You sighed and put your coffee down. “You’re jealous, and that’s adorable and sweet and I love you, but if you tell me Lou did not make your bachelor party at a strip club and you did not get a single lap dance, then I will bet on our future marriage that you are lying.”

Liam:Your birthday party was in full swing. People were dancing and drinking, and Liam had left you with your friends, not wanting to be too clingy. “Oh (y/n)! I got you something!” your friend shouted over the music as she pulled you over to some guy. “Are you (y/n)?” he asked you and you nodded your head. “I am your stripper,” he smiled, causing your mouth to fall open “What?!” Liam shouted behind you. “I didn’t…” you began, confused. Liam pulled you away from your friend. “I was going to let you have what you wanted, but I guess I’ll have to teach you a lesson,” he muttered, pulling you into his bedroom.

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