Chapter 147

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It's finally football season, and I'm so happy. Dallas is playing San Francisco today, so a few people are coming over for the game.

After I took a shower, I put on a pair of shorts, a Jason Witten jersey and my navy blue Air Max, along with my Dallas snapback.

Before I could go to the nursery, my phone buzzed with a text message from someone I haven't talked to in a while.

Colin Kaepernick: are you watching the game today?

me: of course. i gotta cheer on my boys.

I put my phone back in my pocket, then went to give Brielle a bath and change her. I put her in a Cowboys onesie, some pants & socks. I hate to sound biased, but my daughter is cute as shit.

On the way downstairs, I got another text from Colin. Shouldn't he be getting ready for this game?

Colin Kaepernick: I can't believe you're still a Dallas fan after all we've been through.

All we've been through?

me: nothing could make me stop being a cowboys fan. btw, shouldn't you be focusing on the game you're about to lose?

Colin Kaepernick: lol you're funny. but we haven't talked in a while and I miss you.

Yeah, I'm not gonna reply to that.

I put my phone in my pocket and went in the living room where Blake was just sitting on the couch.

"Well don't you both look cute," Blake said, taking Brielle from me.

He kissed my lips, but things got a little too hot, too fast. If I hadn't pulled away, only God knows what would've happened next.

"So, who's all supposed to coming over here?" he asked, laughing at me because I was fanning myself.

"DJ & Monique, of course, Chris & his family, Jordan & Deshawn, and Martin & Mayah."

He nodded, but I knew there was more to that question, considering I just told him yesterday who was coming over.

"Blake...what's wrong? Why do you look guilty?"

"Because I invited Jake."


"Why would you in--"

"Remember when he was talking shit about the kids, and I suggested you wait until he was over here again to handle him?"

I completely forgot about that. I didn't forget what that punk bitch said, I just forgot about this plan.

"Oh yeah," I said sitting back on the couch.

I can not wait for that little hobgoblin to show up. I'm gonna make him wish he was never born.


Going into the second half with the score tied at fourteen, I had confidence in my boys. Romo hasn't done anything to piss me off yet, so I just pray it stays this way.

However, I could barely pay attention to the first half of the game because every time I moved, I felt a pair of eyes watching me, and it wasn't Blake. It was that ugly ass, creepy ass hobgoblin, and he was making me uncomfortable.

"You look nice today Briana," he said.

I know I look good, nigga, bye.

"Uh, thanks."

I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and when I got back in the living room, I got text from DJ.

deeeeej 😜💙: i don't like how Jake is staring at you

I looked over at DJ and he was looking at me.

me: so you noticed it too?

deeeeej 😜💙: yeah it's bothering me

I put my phone back in my pocket and I guess DJ texted Blake too because he pulled his phone right after I put mine away.



I pulled out my phone out to see that DJ texted me, even though we're sitting in the same room.

DJ: Jake keeps staring at Bri. i think you should say something

I looked up and over at Jake who, in fact, was staring at Briana. I watched him look her up and down, then bite his lip. I was infuriated and it took every ounce of me not to jump him.

"I think you should change into some sweatpants or jeans. I don't like the way Jake keeps looking at you," I whispered to her.

I didn't wanna sound like I was demanding her to, I just didn't like him looking at her the way he was.

"Okay," she whispered.

She took Brielle, who was sleeping, and went upstairs.



After I put Brielle in her crib and changed into some jeans, I went back downstairs. I sat back down next to Blake, and he put his arm around me.

"Briana, why'd you change?" Jake asked, causing everyone to look at him like he was crazy.

I could tell Blake was getting angry because he kept balling up his fist. I slipped my hand in his and interlocked ours fingers to calm him down.

"Because I wanted to."

"Well, you still look good," he mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear him.

At this point, Blake was squeezing the shit out of my hand. I looked at him then put my hand on his knee.

"Calm down," I whispered.

He looked down at me and I kissed his lips so he would relax.


The game ended, and Dallas won 49-27. While I was cleaning up, I got a message from my new friend and fellow Dallas fan, LeBron.

lebum 🏀🔥: let that lil bitch Eric know that I won the bet and I expect to see that video on IG tonight 😂

I laughed a little, then replied to his ignorant ass. I turned around to go to the kitchen, and Jake was standing behind me, like the creep he is.

"This was a nice party," he said, smiling like a freak.

It wasn't really a party, but aight.

"Thanks..." I said, walking into the kitchen with him following me.

"You know, Blake's real lucky to have a wife like you. I mean, you like sports, you're a good wife & mother and you're super hot."

Now he's lucky, but before I was just tryna get money outta him. Okay.

"If you ask me, he doesn't deserve you," he whispered in my ear.

"Excuse me?"

As soon as I turned around, Jake's lips crashed onto mine. I pushed him away from me and I wiped my mouth because that was just disgusting.

He started to walk toward me again, but I hit him in the jaw, and he fell to the ground.

"What the hell is going on in here?"

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