Good Ending (True Ending)

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The two females sat next to each other at the police station, holding hands under the table. The officer sat in a chair across from them listening intently to Peridot.
"So you see..." She finished darkly, "All she was doing was protecting me... Or else Jasper would have killed both of us..."
The officer sighed, drumming his fingers on the desk. "But you still... Killed someone! And fled the scene of the crime. I can't just..." He turned toward Peridot, "Look... I need to talk to your parents."
"My parents are gone!" The blonde snapped, "They left and aren't coming back, now can we just cut to the crap and-" her green gaze whipped around as another figure entered the room.
"I'm right here..." Came a female voice.
Peridot stood up on shaking legs, her green eyes began to brim with tears as she made her way over. With no words she brought her good arm back and socked the woman in the gut.
She made a 'humpf' stumbling away from her daughter, "Good to see you too.." She croaked laughing.
Peridot then crushed her in a hard hug, "You idiot..." She growled, "Idiot, idiot, idiot..."
The woman brushed away her tears, "Perri... I'm so sorry, we came down as soon as we got the phone call... Are you alright?"
"No!" Peridot snapped shoving her mother back, "No! I'm not okay! You only came on account of murder?!" Her hands were shaking as Lapis came up from behind, grabbing the blondes arm protectively.
"You never returned one call!" She continued, "Never attempted to contact me at all... You just ... Left me." Peridot took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself down. "You've never cared about me before... Why would you start caring now?"
The woman's face took on a concerned look as she knelt down. "Oh Perri... We always cared about you.. It's just our work." She sighed, kissing the blonde on the forehead before turning to glare at the officer. "You and your friend can go," she stood up, "I'll take care of this."
The two females exited the building, Lapis still hanging onto Peridots good arms. She glanced upwards with crystal eyes, "Where do your parents work anyway?" She questioned.
"For the government..." Peridot stated simply, silencing the girl with a kiss. "Now cmon... Let's go back to your place~"

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