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"Hey new girl."

Royal looked up from her desk as one of her co-workers stood against her door frame. "Uh, yes?"

"Rodriguez wants you in her office, its time for your first task." The girl clapped in excitement as she announced the news.

Royal's eyes lit up in satisfaction. She'd been coming into the station for about a month now, but since she was a rookie, they never gave her an actual job or duty, so she'd just sit inside of her small office all day.

"Thanks." Royal gave the girl a small smile. She lifted herself up from out of her seat and wiped her wrinkled button down straight. She then made her way into Rodriguez's office with her head held high. She hadn't even been at the station for two months and already the other rookie cops and detectives were jealous of her. This was nothing new for Royal though.

She knocked on Rodriguez's office door softly.

"Come on in." Rodriguez's deep, accented voice spoke. You could tell she was from Puerto Rico or some sort by the way her words rolled off of her tongue.

Royal slowly opened the door. "Hey Rodriguez, you wanted to see me?"

Rodriguez nodded. "Yes dear, come sit." She motioned for Royal to sit in the seat that was placed in front of her desk.

Royal sat nervously, yet excitedly.

Rodriguez had a couple of files sitting beside her desk. "Okay so Royal Carter is it, how long have you been here?"

"Um I've been here for about a month now." Royal played with her fingers to calm her nerves as she spoke.

Rodriguez nodded. She picked up a vanilla folder in which had Royal's government name on the strip. She opened it and began to skim it over. "You were arrested when you were 18 years old because of working at an unlicensed strip club in which got raided, you also caught a serious case at 15. How'd you manage to get this job?" Rodriguez questioned as she continued to read over Royal's folder.

Royal laughed at the question. "Um, I went to college and got my degree." She spoke in a obviously annoyed tone.

Rodriguez nodded. "Alright, that's understandable." She pulled out another file. "Before I give you a duty, this duty, this job, are you sure you're cut out for this?"

Royal nodded. "If I wasn't cut out for this, then I wouldn't have went to school for it."

Rodriguez nodded. "Well in that case," She slide the file over to Royal. "I need you to go undercover."

The word "undercover" caught Royal off guard. Royal looked down at the file.

Case #12

The Animals Layer

"Undercover?" Royal gulped.

Rodriguez nodded. "Yea, check it out." She nodded her head towards the folder.

Royal reluctantly opened the folder. Her eyes widened in shock once she read over the case file name.

August Alsina

The folder held an old mugshot of August Alsina, along with his records and personal information. Royal quickly closed the file. "I- I I don't know if I can go undercover. I mean, Alsina is a dangerous man."

Rodriguez shook her head. "I thought you were cut out for this type of work, Carter..."

"I am. Im cut out for detective work, not some undercover bullshit." She slightly raised her voice as she sat back in her chair.

"Royal, honey, let me inform you on a little secret. If you wanna move to the top, then you have to start from the bottom. You know, just like how you worked at the strip club late nights to pay for college? This is something similar to that nature."

Royal shook her head. "I don't know about this."

Rodriguez stood up. "Listen Carter, I've been trying to catch that damn Alsina for years. You're perfect for this job. You turn a lot of heads. If he notices you, your in, just like that." She slammed her fist into her hand. "He's smart, but not smart enough. I've been studying him for years."

Royal sighed, still not quite sure if she wanted to go through with the whole undercover plan.

Rodriguez could sense her unsureness. "Listen, take the file home, go over it. Call me if your up for it." She gave a small reassuring smile.

Royal nodded. "Yea... alright."

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