Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" What happened to the characters.

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I just want to thank everyone who followed my series! I loved writing it for you guys! If you thought that the season ended strangely, and you wanted to know what happened to all of them, well this is what happened:

Hanabusa and Ruka: They stayed at the mansion together, and invited Aukatski to live with them.

Aukatski: Went to live with hanabusa and Ruka

Senri and Rima: They lived together in the house that was mentioned earlier in the season.

Seirin: She was never found. They think that she went off to live some place quite.

Takuma: Well, his future wasn't so bright, he died as Kaname mentioned in the last episode.

Yuki and Kaname: They went off to live somewhere isolated together, away from danger.

Zero and Maria: They ended up staying togther. Zero protects Maria and they end up falling in love. (You knew it was gonna happen)

The headmaster: He kept on being the good old headmaster that we all know and love

Sayori: She stayed at Cross Academy and became the next gaurdian.

Noduka: He never got to tell Ruka how he felt about her, but he soon took a liking to a diffrent girl.

*This is what happened after Season 3, who knows, i might even make a season 4! If so, this is just giving you an idea of whats in store ;) If i do write up a Season 4, then it wont be for a few weeks at the least so i can come up with some inspiration :) I'll think about it ;)

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