Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 13,The Protector.

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Maria let go of Zero. "I want you to know, that i will never die on you. I promise!" Zero looked at Maria confused. "How can you make that promise, you don't know whats out there." Maria took a step backwards and sat herself on the floor. "I guess your right, danger is around every coner." Zero looked down at Maria and put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Maria. I made a promise to Chiyo that i would protect you." Maria looked up at Zero and gave a faint smile. Zero streched out his hand,offering her help up. Maria took Zero's hand and got pulled to her feet. "Well, everyone's going to think your Chiyo now." Maria winked. "But i am Chiyo!" Zero smiled. I can scense Chiyo's presence, was she telling the truth? Is Maria really being possesed by her Twin? Maria turned and went for the door. "Well, aren't you comming Zero?" Zero stared at Maria. "Now that Chiyo's gone, i have no one, and from what she told me, you dont have anyone either, so i guess we should stick together then!" Maria grabbed Zero'd hand and pulled him out the door.

Kaname wiped off all the excess blood that layed on Yuki's arm. "Lucky i heal quickly, right?" Kaname smiled. "Yes, or it would be back to the hospital." Yuki smiled. Kaname started to speak. "You do realise, Yuki, that Zero and Maria are a big threat to us, we need to move away from here." Yuki's eyes trailed to the floor. "I was afraid you'd say that." Kaname titled Yukis head back up. "I'll be with you." Yuki smiled. "It's a shame that i have to move further away from the headmaster though." Her smile soon faded to a blank expression. "Im sure the headmaster will be fine." Yuki stood up. "I'd better pack my stuff up then. Whats going to happen to Hanabusa and Ruka?" Kaname stood silent for a few seconds. "They will stay back here, and look after the mansion for me." Yuki smiled. "Did you ever find out what happaned to Takuma?" Kaname looked at the floor. "He was in such a state, that he died not long after we visited." Yuki turned around to face Kaname. "Im sorry." Yuki went and gave Kaname a hug. "He was a close friend to you." Kaname put his arms around Yuki. "I'll be fine, as long as i have you with me." Yuki smiled, the let go of Kaname. "Well, do you have any idea where we are going?" Kaname walked over to the table where a map lay. "I am unsure at this time." Yuki started to make her way up the stairs. "I'd better pack my things now, just in case." She gave a wink then she disappeared into her room.

Yuki finished packing her things. The last thing she had to pack was her royal blue dress that Kaname gave her on the night he preposed to her. She pushed it into her suitecase then locked it. Yuki stood staring at the suitecase. So Zero had the courage after all... Yuki stood still for a few more seconds, then picked up her suitecase and walked out. "Yuki, i wanted to ask you something." Yuki dropped the heavy case on the floor and looked at Kaname. "Yes?" Kaname walked over to her. "I wasn't sure if you'd like the idea, so i didn't tell you about it. But purebloods sont have normal weddings. The waythey do it, is they get each other to drink the blood from one another." Kaname picked up the suitecase for Yuki. "I was wondering if you'd like to do that instead? Its your desicion." Yuki stopped to think. Kaname felt Yuki grab his hand. "If thats what you'd like, Kaname. Then let's do that." Kaname turned and faced Yuki. "Are you sure?" Yuki smiled. "yes." Kaname brang his wrist up to his mouth and pierced it, letting the blood trickle out. Yuki did the same. They then both drank each others blood, which bound them together forever. Yuki smiled at Kaname, wiping the blood off her face. At the end of the day, Kaname is the man i truely want to be with forever. Hanabusa and Ruka came running down the stairs. "Are you sure you are fine with us having this mansion?" Hanabusa tried to cath his breath. "I have no use for it anymore, i am going to take Yuki somewhere far from here." Ruka and hanabusa bowed. "Thank-you for everything you have done for me." Kaname led Yuki out to the limosuine. "Kaname, can i make one quick stop before we go?" Kaname smiled. "Of corse we can." The limosuine drove off. Hanabusa high fived Ruka. "We have this all to ourselves!" They started to jump around in exitment. Suddenly, with out even knowing it, they both hugged each other. Comming to the realisation of what just happened, they pushed each other away and blushed. "I was caught in the moment." Ruka turned away. "Yeah, i was to." 

Yuki stepped out of the limousine and walked into the gates of cross academy. If i take the back entrance, no one will notice me. The headmaster sat in his office filling out papers when there was a knco k on the door. "Come in." The headmaster looked up, then almost fell backwards off his chair. "Yuki!" He ran over and gave Yuki a hug. "I was worried about you!" Yuki laughed. "I have to tell you something. Kaname wants me to move away from here with him. I have chosen to go, but i wanted to say goodbye to you first." The headmaster strated to cry. "Goodbye Yuki! My dear daughter has grown up!" The headmaster opened his arms offering Yuki a hug, which she took with passion. ""I'll miss you, dad." The headmaster let go of Yuki and wiped his eyes. "I hope you come and visit me in the future!" Yuki smiled. "I'll try." The, she turned and disappeared out the door. Juri would be so proud to see how grown up Yuki's become. The headmaster turned and sat back at his desk. My daughter is gone now, but my son isn't. The headmaster got back to work,

Maria walked up to the room that was used as a fighting arena the night before. This is where my twin became one with me. Zero put a hand on Maria's shoulder. "I was like you. When Ichiru died, i felt so alone." Maria sighed. Zero put an arm around Maria. "At least you have me." Maria looked up at Zero. "Your the last one i have left." Suddenly, Maria pulled Zero down to her and kissed him on the cheek. Zero wore a confused expression. Maria smiled at Zero. "What a confusing look, did you hate it?" It was the same words Shizuka once said to Ichiru. Zero look down at the smiling Maria. She is just like her sister. I made a promise to protect her, and i will do whatever it takes to live up to that promise! Zero smiled at Maria for the first time. "I think i we will get along fine!" Maria laughed. Zero put his arm around Maria. "If im going to be stuck with you forever, then i guess getting along with you is my only option." Maria playfuly punched Zero. "Hey!" She laughed. At that moment, the headmaster barged in. "Well look at you two love birds!" Zero put a hand over his face. "Oh, hello headmaster." The headmaster smiled. "Nice to see you again, Chiyo. It looks like Zero has taken i liking to you!" Chiyo laughed. "Headmaster, please stop." Zero's voice was stern. "Ok Zero, i was only having fun, although.." Zero turned to the headmaster and gave him a look as if to say: Don't say another word or ill punch you! The headmaster backed away. "Ok, Ok, iv had my fun!" The headmaster was about to leave when he turned back. "Oh, have you guys seen Maria around lately? I can't seem to find her." Maria turned to the headmaster once more. "Sorry, we haven't. I will tell you if i see her." The headmaster thanked Maria and disappeared. Maria laughed. "If only he knew."

(Stay tunned for... oh wait, that's it! )

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