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*Bonus*~ Comedy Version

A/N: I have no idea why I'm doing this. I just want to do a comedy version. So I am doing a short comedy version from some of the the chapters in this small one😊.

WARNING: contains more bad language than I've ever used.

Do NOT get offended for any reason.

And Enjoy!


Sasuke hopped on tree to tree as he looked behind him. 'These fucking bitches fucking following me'.

As soon as Sasuke lost his followers he jumped next to a river. Sasuke threw Naruto on the grass earning a groan. 'Shit I'm thirsty as hell,' then Sasuke looked at Naruto. 'He never groans when I'm on him'.

Sasuke was adored about Naruto's forehead, but that shity headband was in the way. Angrily, Sasuke stomped over there and flung it into the bush.

Sasuke's eyes sparkled as he saw Naruto's forehead. 'Ah Senpai, your forehead is so shiny'

Than he heard that pink haired cake's voice call out followed by another crappy voice.

Sasuke knew that Naruto would be mad at him for the headband so he quickly got it out from the bush and threw Naruto over his shoulder and legged for it.


Sasuke was currently tying his bae down to the bed with some ropes.

'I'm getting so much ass today' He thought excitedly.

Sasuke's house was only one floor. All this shit was here, except he pissed outside.

Suddenly Naruto started to move meaning he was waking up. Sasuke licked his lips at thought of a helpless Naruto.

Than Naruto woke up, his eyes bore into Sasukes. "S-Sasuke?" He croaked out.

Sasuke stared down at him, he was on top Naruto anyway. Naruto tried to move but Sasuke's fabulous unchakra ropes didn't let that. Then he looked back up at me.

"DE FUCK IS DES SHIT TEM-" Sasuke licked his palm and quickly placed on top of Naruto's mouth, making Naruto flush.

"Shhhhhhhh Senpai," Sasuke whispered.

Than Naruto kicked his leg up but Sasuke caught one, having to let go off Naruto's mouth.


Than Sasuke kissed Naruto hard in the lips, the force making his head fly back into the pillow. 'This magical kiss shall make my bae shut up' Sasuke thought.

Sasuke pulled back watching Naruto's red turn red. He chuckled deeply.
But that was a distraction as Sasuke quickly tied down Naruto's legs to the bed.

Naruto was too shocked to say anything. "T-Teme!! That's not making shit better!"

Sasuke got off the bed, leaving his bae alone. "So what?"

He watched the walking dead that night.


Naruto stared up at the dirty ass ceiling. It was morning and he was fucking pissed. His feet were cold as cold ass water from the kicking.

Sasuke had told him to "Shut up" many time until he picked up his nasty ass and shoved a rope into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto worked through the night to get that stinking thing from his mouth and he did, he choked it out and it ended at his feet.

Naruto smirked as he kicked the rag hard and it Sasuke's head making his sleeping ass fall off the couch.

Sasuke got up at straight away, his ninja skills thingie was on point, as he stared at Naruto's face who was smirking his ass off.

Sasuke got up angrily and in a second was hovering over Naruto. "You think that was funny?" Sasuke hissed.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, dat smirk still in dat face, telling Sasuke yes, he did, very much in fact.

"Well do you want my big fat dick in your throat?" Sasuke smirked.

Naruto didn't reply but instead looked down to Sasuke's manly area. Naruto's face crunched up as he groaned in annoyment . "Sasukeeee!" He whined.

Sasuke's smirk widened. "You want my dick that badly?

"Noooooo!" Naruto whined out making Sasuke curious as a bitch.

"You said it was big!!" Naruto shouted out. "What?" Sasuke replied.

Naruto opened his eyes to show that he was crying crocodile tears, "In the academy! You said your dick was big as the statue of Madara" Naruto looked down to Sasuke's dick and more tears fell out. "You have a fucking vagina"

Sasuke stared down at Naruto before; "Why you mutherfucker-"

~~Chapters Later~~

"Sakura ahaha..."

Sasuke's head picked up like a dogs at the mention of a mentally ill teammate.

"Urmmm... Sakura..meh..two"

Sasuke growled out like a female pmsing. He was on top of the sleeping Naruto in seconds.

Sasuke quickly clutched Naruto's lollipop making Naruto wake up with wide eyes.

"Fuck off Sasuke you piece of duck" Naruto groaned as he pushed Sasuke off.

Sasuke had let Naruto's limbs free for a day and so far it had being going well.

"What was dat bitch Sakura doing to you in your dream?" Sasuke growled.

Naruto looked around the room, looking anywhere but the Uchiha. "She was sucking on a sausage-" Another growl, "A real sausage, not mine you prick"

~~Chapters Later~~

"You having fun?"

Sasuke woke up from his dream only to find Naruto next to him in bed. Usually Sasuke slept on the 'jerking off to Naruto' couch.

Sasuke snuggled into Naruto more. "Yasss, you were sucking on meh dick"

Naruto hoffed, " You mean that pin-sized mushroom? There's nothing to suck"

Sasuke stared up at Naruto, challenging him. "You wanna try?"

Naruto clicked his tongue. "I don't see a problem"




"The size of the statue of Madara my ass, this shit big as hell!"

Sasuke chuckled. "Thought you said I had a vagina"

"It looked like it, a third of your dick must of been hiding up your ass-"

"Now it's going up your ass" purred a voice.

"This shits bigger than Sai's willy wonka-"

Soon a knife was held against Naruto's throat.

"What bull shit goes by the name of Sai?!"

The end of my fun little chapter;)

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