Chapter Thirteen

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"You need to hide!" Lapis hissed, shoving the blonde off the edge of the bed before burying her with pillows.
Peridot let out a surprised squeak before biting her lip in pain. "LAPIS! What are yo- mmpfff-" she stuttered through fluff. "Just stay here," Lapis urged quietly, "I'll handle this." Peridot struggled lightly under the weight of the blankets, trying to turn and hear what was going on. "Miss Lazuli," came a male voice, "Are your parents home?"
"My parents died in a car accident a couple years ago sir." Lapis retorted, "Can you just get to the point please?"
The man coughed before answering, "A girl went missing last night by the name of Peridot. We also found her friend stabbed to death in her house this morning. You were seen with Peridot last, so you're a prime suspect as of now."
"I-I don't know wh-who you're talking about..." Lapis growled.
"We'll miss... I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to come with me for questioning." Not being able to just sit back anymore, Peridot sprang from her hiding spot.
"Stop!" The blonde shouted, causing the officer to turn swiftly and pull out his gun. Peridots gaze shifted over to Lapis, the bluenette had backed up to the counter with her hand wavering over a butchers knife. A look of surprise planted on her face.
Peridot gave an angry sigh, thankful she managed to prevent a disaster. "Please sir.." She continued, "I can explain everything."

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