Chapter Eleven

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Lapis clamped trembling hands around her mouth, failing to suppress the endless flow of screaming sobs. Jasper laughed at the girls distress and threw the knife to the floor with a loud clatter.
"Well, I'd love to stay and watch you flounder helplessly trying to save this pathetic mess." She kicked the limb, blonde figure, "But I'm afraid I have far more important matters to concern myself with." She offered a sneer before stepping around the bluenette to leave.
Lapis gripped the floor with balled fists, a sudden rage sparked in her chest causing her vision to grow red. She reached out and snatched the red stained blade before pushing herself into a standing position. With a dark emotionless expression etched on her face, Lapis faced the retreating female.
With a swift, quick, soundless movement. Lapis ran and leapt on top of the muscular figure, knife poised above her head. "Hey!" Jasper shouted, trying to shake off the nuisance. "Lapis... Let go of- Ghlk-" The words trailed off as the point of the blade protruded out of the larger females throat. Showing no emotion, Lapis brought the knife down over and over. Each blow slowly bringing Jasper to her knees, blood pouring from her newly opened wounds.
The rage filled bluenette continued to rain down stabs, even after Jasper had breathed her last breath. Shaking she stood up and let the blade slip from her grip, tears flowing freely from blue irises as she fell the floor once more. The consequences of her actions fully hitting her.
"What did I do... Oh no, oh God no..." She crept over to Peridot and pressed an ear to the blondes chest. Tears of relief fell when she heard a faint heart beat.
Waisting no time, the bluenette began to 'doctor up' the limp figure. Applying pressure to stop the bleeding before wrapping it up in a makeshift tourniquet.
When she finished, she pulled Peridot to her and cuddled the girl close. She couldn't call the police, they'd see an injured body, a dead body, and Lapis covered in blood. Then they would put two and two together....
Knitting her brows, Lapis finally stood up with Peridot in her arms. "We're leaving Perri," she whispered, "And we're not coming back."

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