Chapter Nine

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The two females immediately jumped to their feet as Jasper stormed inside the home. A look of surprise took the beefy figure as she saw both Lapis and Peridot fully dressed and out of bed. "What are you two..." She smirked cracking her knuckles, "Well... This could work too."
Peridot immediately took a protective stance in front of Lapis, fire filling her eyes she held up the ruined green stoned necklace. "The deal is off Jasper, I don't want to hurt Lapis... Get out of here."
The platinum blonde began to laugh, "I figured something like this would happen... You're so pathetic." She waved her hand, "Now move... I don't want to waste my time with you."
The now shaking blonde refused to budge an inch, "Leave. Now. Jasper..." She growled. "Or I'll make you leave." Jasper laughed and began walking forward, "A puny runt like you?" She grabbed the blonde by the shirt and hoisted her into the air. "I could crush you? What are you possibly do to stop me." Peridot began kicking and struggling, she hadn't a plan herself. She prayed that Lapis would take the hint and escape. Digging her nails into the larger girls arms, Peridot began to yell. "I-I'm not w-weak... You're th-the weakling... Using other people to s-solve your problems... It makes me s-sick." She ended the sentence with a spit to the larger girls face.
Jasper was fuming, she slammed the blonde hard into the wall. Leaving a large dent. "I'll wipe the floor with you... I dare you, say that again one more- aghhh!" Jasper dropped the struggling blonde to the floor with a loud thud, with a cry of agony the platinum blonde fell to the floor gripping her face.
Lapis stood behind gripping the now empty tea kettle with shaking hands. Dropping the metal object, the bluenette immediately ran over to Peridot. Who was slumped on the floor. "You... Should've run. What are you doing?" The green irised girl coughed. "I couldn't let her hurt you like that..." Lapis pleaded, she glanced over to Jasper. Who was slowly pushing herself up. "We have to go, now!"

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