Chapter Six

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Lapis gave a small yelp as she felt her body forcefully pulled into the mattress. Peridot made no hesitation in pinning the smaller girl down, sitting on her in a straddle position with both arms pressed to the bed. The blonde gazed down with a hungry look, "Well well... Welcome to the lions den my dear..."
The bluenettes face glowed deep red as she struggled under Peridots weight, "H-hey! P-Perri... What a-are you doing?!" She stuttered horribly.
The green irised girl smirked before silencing the pinned figure with a hungry kiss. "Oh cmon~ I've seen the way you look at me." She dug her nails into Lapis's wrist, earning a gasp of pain. "Just lay back and accept your fate." "PERRI! You're drunk!" She continued to struggle, "What would J-Jasper think of this?!"
Peridot leaned back, "That big nosed troll? Peh." The blonde ripped the 'promise necklace' from her throat and threw it to the floor. "You are far more beautiful than her Lapis." She continued, "I'm sorry I've been so blind." The blonde continued to kiss the now weak armed girl. "Perri..." Lapis mumbled, "I... I can't."
Peridot trailed her kisses down the blue haired girls neck, tracing love bites across her shoulder earning a moan with each place of contact. "Shhh... Everything will be fine Lapis." The blonde began to tug on the bluenettes thin black shirt. "Just let me love you..."
(I'll let you guys use your imagination for the next part X3)

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