Chapter Five Part Three

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Lapis grumbled as she helped the stumbling Peridot out of the building. The poor blonde was having trouble seeing straight and felt sick to her stomach.
"I told you this was a bad idea..." Lapis scolded, "You're in no state to drive, lay down in the back and I'll take you home."
Peridot didn't reply, she barely recognized her surroundings. All she wanted to do was lay down and die. Lapis sighed before opening the rear door, "You're a mess... I thought you said you've drank that stuff before..."
Peridot laid down in the back seat, giving a small *hic* before curling into a fetal position.
The blue irised girl blushed, closing the door. "Damnit... Why do you have to be so adorable... Ugh." She huffed loudly before taking a place in the drivers seat. "Jasper doesn't deserve you..."
The bluenette used the gps system on the dash so she could find Perris home. By the time they had arrived, the blonde had fallen fast asleep.
Lapis facepalmed and groaned before taking the girl out of the car, carrying her in a bridal position before proceeding toward the house.
Gently pushing the front door open, the bluenette allowed her eyes to adjust to the light. "Mr and Mrs Dot?" She called out, "Is anyone here?" Upon receiving no answer Lapis quietly made her way to where she assumed the blondes room was. "Alright you big dork," she muttered, setting the limp figure on the mattress. "Sleep that alcohol off alright?" She suddenly found herself staring at the other girls sleeping features. Biting her lip hesitantly, Lapis leaned in to sneak a kiss on the slumbering blondes forehead.
"I'm sorry..." She squeaked before turning to leave. Her movements were halted however, as a firm grip on the bluenettes wrist pulled her back.
"Where do you think you're going..." Came a groggy voice from behind.

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