Chapter Five Part One

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Peridot leaned back in her drivers seat, drumming her fingers lightly on the wheel as she waited for Lapis to exit her home. The blonde was wearing a simple green hoodie with dark jeans, her choker necklace still clamped around her neck. Though not wanting to admit it, she was quite nervous, every single possible way this plan could go wrong was currently running through her mind.
She couldn't help but feel pity for the blue haired girl, even though she deserved it. "Anyone who would hurt such a sweet person like Jasper needs to be punished." She reassured herself, but why did she have a bad feeling in her gut.
The blonde suddenly jumped as her car door opened, Lapis stepped in and smiled. "Okay, ready to go?" She glanced around the vehicles interior. "Nice ride."
Peridot sat up flusterdly, the bluenette was dressed in a black belly shirt with a blue vest, and jean shorts that were just a tish too short. "Oh... Uhm, th-thanks..." The green irises girl stuttered before starting the engine. "Y-ya, let's go." The car pulls away from the curb, leaving the two to sit in awkward silence for the majority of the ride. "Well... Here we are." The blonde said sheepishly, coughing into her fist.
Lapis squinted out the window. "Peridot this is a bar... We're under age..."
"I know the people here-" Peridot cut in, "They're Uhm... Good friends. They'll hook us up." She bit her lip, that was a lie. They were Jaspers friends actually. "Cmon," she pushed, "Let's just go have some fun? Alright."
Lapis gave a sigh, she really wanted to make Peridot happy, even if it involves unhealthy peer pressure. "Alright... But, just a couple okay?"
The blonde smirked, "Ya... A couple."

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