Chapter Three

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Peridot threw her bag against her couch and slouched against the cushions. A wave a sadness took her as she glanced to a piece of paper folded on the coffee table. It was a note from her parents.
They left her a few months ago for a 'business trip' and never returned. They never answered their phones, or replied to any of her emails. They only type of contact they offered was sending Perri a paycheck every month so she could pay for food and rent.
"We'll be back before you know it." She grumbled, "Yea right." Sighing, the blonde stooped down to pick up a gaming controller and turn on her TV. She was only able to play her game for about fifteen minutes however, before her front door was opened.
"J-Jasper?" Peridot flusteredly set down her controller. "Wh-what's up?"
The muscular girl grinned before taking a seat. "Heya Perri!" She stretched out, kicking her feet up on the table. Knocking the note off in the process. "You care to explain why you left class today?" She chuckled, "I've never seen the teach. So mad before."
"Oh that?" Peridot coughed before placing her hands behind her head, trying her best to look 'cool'. "I.. Uh... J-just got sick of the class ya know?" She tried her best to shake off her continuous blush. "Oh yea?" Jasper gave a playful smirk, "So whad'ya do then? Class ditcher."
The blonde reached for her controller once more. "Oh... Me and Lapis went to the dinner and got sodas. No biggie..." The larger female slapped the controller away. "Lapis? Lapis Lazuli? What were you doing with that bitch?!"
The small blonde jumped at Jaspers sudden aggressiveness and shrunk away. "I was... I..."
"She fucking humiliated me in front of the whole school!" She clenched a fist, orange eyes glowing with rage. "Dumped me right after our big game... Says I was too 'abusive' puh..." Jasper turned away and snarled. "I thought she left this school... Why, if I ever got my hands on her I'd..." She paused before glancing down to the terrified blonde.
"That's it! You're going to help me take revenge!" She grinned, eyeing up the smaller girl. "Say Perri, I have an idea heh... Tell me. How well can you hold your liquor?"

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