Chapter Two

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"So... Let me get this straight. You stormed out of class because Pearl called out an answer before you did?" Lapis held back a laugh before taking another sip of her soda.
Peridot blushed with embarrassment, emerald eyes staring out he dinners window. "It's not just! I mean well..." She took a sip from her own drink, refusing to make eye contact. "A girl I like was in that class and.... Well, I was embarrassed..." "Oh?" Lapis tried to hide the hurt she felt. "T-that's nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm sure this... Uhm, girl... Knows how smart you are... Pearl probably copied off you... Or... Something."
The blonde sighed, "Yea, maybe." Her gaze drifted over toward the bluenette, "Why did you leave class? I'm sure there's a better reason than just 'I hate everyone'"
Lapis offered a smile, "Well... Just bullies I guess.. Well I mean." She rubbed the back of her neck, questioning why she was telling Peridot this. "Uh... Anyway, this girl. Who is she? That is uh... If you don't mind me asking?
Peridot straightened at Lapis's words. "Bullies? Who? What were they doing?" She shook her head at the question, her cheeks taking on a crimson color. "Uh... Well... It's uh... Her name is Jasper." She replied hesitantly.
Lapis grew tense at that name. "Jasper..."
Peridot cocked her head. "Lapis? Is everything okay?"
The bluenette stood up swiftly, spilling her drink everywhere in the process. "I'm sorry Perri... I have to go." Without another word, she hurriedly disappeared out the door. "Wait! Lapis!" The blonde bit her lip as she watched the girl dash down the street. "Was it something I said..." She muttered sadly.

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