Chapter One

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Peridot stormed down the hallway, her cheeks flushed Crimson. With angered fingers she gripped her notebook closer to her chest, head down. "Damn that class and everyone in it..." She snarled under her breathe, "I obviously had that equation solved before that bitch 'Pearl' did." She turned a corner, her speed picking up the angrier she became.
However her advancements were stopped short as she crashed head on into another figure. Falling quite ungracefully with papers flying everywhere, the blonde cried out in shock as she crashed to the carpeted floor. "Oi!! Watch where where you're going!!" She fumed, turning to glare at her road block.
"Oh shoot! I'm sorry!" The blue eyed girl stooped down to help collect the scattered pages. "Where were you headed off to so quickly?"
The fallen female blushed slightly, "Shouldn't.... Don't you have a class right now or something!?" She snapped, grabbing her binder.
"I could ask you the same thing!" The bluenette retorted, handing Peridot her glasses, which had fallen off during the crash. "You're like... Really smart. You shouldn't be skipping class like this."
Peridot blushed deeper at the compliment before giving a 'humpf'. Accepting her glasses back, she pushed them back up her nose. "I... You're right, I am smart. So I can miss class... what's your excuse?" Lapis stared puzzled for a few moments before breaking out into giggles, "I hate everyone here." The bluenette stood up before offering the green irised girl a hand. "Cmon, I know you don't want to be here any more than I do. Let's go grab a soda~"

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