Never Judge A Nerd (Niall Imagine )

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"Good morning, Class.", your math teacher says out loud to the whole class. Your gaze turns to face an unknown boy. He stands next to your teacher and actually; he looks really cute. He was wearing nerdy glasses, a red polo and brown pants. You hear the girls in the front row whisper and giggle. You know they are laughing about the new boy. And the rest of the class know it, too. "This is your new class mate.", the teacher points to the blond boy. "Uhm..I-….I’m….Niall and…I-…I’m from…Ireland.", he stutters with his thick irish accent and blushes. Niall goes a couple of steps towards a seat to sit down on a chair next to Max the most popular football player in your school. But before he could sit down Max grabs the chair and pulls it away so Niall lands on the cold, hard ground. "Ouch!", he whispers and rubs his arm. Everybody starts to laugh expect of you. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. "C’mon nerd, don’t be a cry baby!", Max laughs. Niall groans and looks to the ground. "You can sit next to me if you want.", you say quietly but loud enough that everyone can hear it. "Really?", he ask in shock making sure you’re not joking. You nod your head and smile. You are very popular and everybody loves you because you’re nice to everyone. Normally girls like you would never even look at guys like him but you're  different. There’s no difference between the ‘cool’ people and the "nerdy" people. They’re not nerds for you, they’re people . Niall sat next to you pushing the chair in closer tot eh table as he sat down. . You notice he’s staring at you from time to time but you pretend that you don’t see it. Your teacher gave you a sheet of paper at the beginning of class as Max was being the jerk he is and took the chair out of Niall's reach. So you need to work on it the whole class. "Urgh, I hate math!", you groan quietly to yourself but Niall hears you. "Maybe I can help you?", he asks and smiles shy. "Only if you want to.", he adds nervously as you give him a smile back. "I’d love to, Niall. Oh by the way I’m y/n.", you reply. The school bell rings and everyone jumps up and runs across the floors. It was Friday and everyone was looking forward to the weekend. " How about we go to my place now?", he suggests as he flashed you a shy but very confident smile. You nod and grabbed your bag . "Let's go . "You tell him and you follow him to his car. None of you two say a word. It’s an uncomfortable silence between you two but not to awkward. After a short drive he parks his car in front of a huge house. "Wow.", you murmur and stare at the beautiful house. "Yeah, I know what you mean. My dad has an own company.", he laughs. You laugh at his state meant . it’s like he could read your thoughts. You rush to the door and enter the living room . You stared at the whole house in aw as he walked in and dropped his keys on the table next to the door . "Living room or my rom?", he asks as he gave you a very calm look . You point upstairs and you guys headed up to his room . The trip was very long actually . You guys talked about the pictures that were in the hallways .  You finally reached to the door of his room. He opens it and you stepped in. "Take a seat . "he tells you . "Don't mind if i do . " You reply to him. You took a sit down on a chair while he takes a seat on his king size bed. His room is not like a typical room for boys. It’s blue and he has a lot of books. "I like your room. I love blue.", you smile; making him blush again. "Thanks.", he answers. Niall cleared his throat and you looked at him . He patted a place next to him on the bed as a sign for you to go over. . "Come here.", he demands so you go and sit down next to him. You both sit really close but you didn't mind at all . You actually like it. "Let’s start. What’s your problem in math?", he asks . You explain to him as simple as possible "Everything . " you laugh out . He giggles . He got up and walked towards a shelve where he had math books and a notebook . He walked back to you with the materials . He spent about 1 hour  trying to explain to you everything you don’t understand. You learn and learn and learn and after one hour more you can’t concentrate anymore. You seemed to get distracted by him a lot .  You kept on staring at  his pink lips and imagined how it would be to kiss them. You’re sure those soft lips would fit perfectly onto yours. You just couldn't help but imagine how they would  feel on your pussy? " Earth to y/n", he shouts and waves his hand in front of your face. "Oh, I…uhm…I was distracted.", you sigh and look at the ground.

                    "Distracted much ??", he smirks. You gulp and begin to stutter. "Tell me babe, what has you distracted ? Am I the reason?", he teases. "Y-..Yes you are.", you murmur. And out of the blue his lips lays on yours. You have never imagined he would of had such a rough, sexy side like this. He’s definitely the dominant type in bed. He pushes you onto his bed and hovers over you. His tongue begs for entrance and open your mouth in approval .  He deepened the kiss and explored your mouth with his tounge. His grunts and hip action made a small moan slip out of your mouth. "You like that baby, eh?", he teases as his left hand finds his way to your breasts. He starts messaging them through the cover of your shirt. With one swift motion his hands are under your shirt playing with the hem . He manages to take off you shirt. He stares at your body in aw as to the way you had taken your pants off so quick . You were suddenly pulled under him and you were now laying under him with just your black lace bra. He unclips it and stares down at your exposed boobs. "Beautiful.", he whispers before taking one nipple between his lips. He sucks on it and twirls his tongue around it as his right hand gives your other breast a special treatment, too. "Mmmmmm.", you moan. He pulls out your breast and leaves hot wet kisses on your stomach. He kisses down your stomach before he reaches your panties. He quickly too them off with his teeth and looked at you . "Who made you this wet y/n?", he smirks and kisses you right in between you thighs . You needed him the most right now . You couldn't wait. "Don't tease !  NEED YOU IN ME !! NOW !!!", you moan loud. "I thought you'd never ask .", he adds. "Get in me now ! .", you moan. "Not until you're twice as wet. .",he tells you  as his tongue licks your clit. "Niall….Niall…..Niiiiaaaallll!", you moan from the back of your lungs. His thumb rubbing  your clit roughly as his tongue teases your clit. "I’m gonna cum!", you scream as a wave of pleasure overcomes you. He smirks against your skin before he hovers over you and locks his gaze with yours. He suddenly slips into you leaving  you no time to adjust to his huge size. "Niall…you’re so big!", you moan. "I’m gonna fuck your tight little pussy so hard that you won’t be able to walk for a week.", his husky voice screams as he pounds into you again and again. You wrap your arms around his neck as he grunts loudly. "I’m close.", you stutter unable to say one more word. The room is filling with your loud moans as he slams into you one last time. He shoots his liquids into you and this brings you over the edge. You feel your walls tighten around his cock and a loud moan slip out of your mouth. He collapse onto you and don’t move for more than five minutes. Then he finally rolls over and lays next to you with a heavy breath. "Maybe we should continue learning math.", he murmurs. "Maybe we should.", you reply before you give him a light peek on his swollen and pink lips.

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