I was 14/15 when I wrote this. Contains a lot of grammar mistakes and the writing might suck. Not one of my best works. But for some reason very popular.

*Update 7/2018* This work is under reconstruction. Nothing too drastic just detailing and better writing.

She's a ballerina. Delicate, beautiful, smart, sweet, the perfect girl to show your family. He's the bad boy. Sexy, player, troublemaker, and confident, the boy you never want to show your family.  

When Rosery goes to Florida Performing Arts School she meets the dark dangerous bad boy of the school. He is everything she's against and to make it worst he won't stay away. He's a constant reminder of what she tried to leave behind. Then why is she so attracted to him? Is it maybe because she is a bad girl herself? 

When Jett Ryder meets the new girl he is blown away. His curiosity is peaked and her voice ensnared him. He wants her but she is a delicate rose in his thorn like a world. Then why is he always after her? Does he have a secret that could ruin him?

Copyright 2014

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