hi people, my name is Brittney. Im 15 years old living the life of a slave. My mom passed away when i was 2 and my dad blew me and my brother, Jonas, off. Im guessing you are wondering why i said i have a life of a slave. When me and my brother was 13, he's only two months older than me, we went to this party with high schoolers. while he was partying like it was year 3000, i was at the bar just drinking apple cider. this boy walked to me and started talking to me; i have to admit, he was fine as hell. he was very sweet to me at the party, and he becae a friend of mine. 3 months in our friendship he asked me to be his gf, of course i said yes. what a dumb fuck i was. Now, im in high school, and living hell like a normal teen. Let me just tell you no one is normal. Well, enjoy your life because im not at all.