Chapter 28 - Taking a Stand

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The Killswitch Stratagem - Part 1


The Legion - or maybe the whole ship knew her as 'Nameless' - sat in her cell, banging her head against the wall ever so slowly. She had been there for Primus knew how long, and continued to rot there like a suffocating piece of garbage. She could hear the shouts and angered accusations of the other Decepticons trapped behind their own bars, arguing with each other from across the walkway.

She leaned her head against the wall, rubbing her digit across the dented and tarnished bell, earning a few jingles as she moved. The Legion vented a sigh, staring at the shadows of the other trapped Decepticons dancing about the barely lit crosswalk.

She had a gut feeling that she would remain there for quite some time, left to listen to her own stories and the wrathful yells of her surroundings. She found her hands tightening into a fist, growing tired of the white cell and all the people.

They were chains; they were rusted, heavy chains weighing the femme down. Caged. That would be the perfect explanation. She was a caged crow; a sitting duck just waiting for the hunter's bullet to pierce her in the spark. They simply had her back against the wall, and it wasn't difficult to see.

The only visitors she actually had were that of the members of the Lost Light when they were checking the cells, and of the golden engineer, Goldgears. Only one from Chromedome, and it wasn't very pleasant.

He'd scampered around her head like a dog running through a field of flowers. He didn't care what he saw. Oh, but he certainly did mind afterward. Hell. Regret. Pain. Perfect explanations of what he'd seen. And Overlord.

But he was dead, and The Legion knew one thing: she doesn't hate the one who got away, you can't really hate someone who's dead. She could just build her case off of a lie, if she ever even received one. After all, cheating really wasn't much of a crime.

It had been Fortress Maximus's turn to check the bridge. Rung suggested he'd get some space from all the stress. He walked on past The Legion's chamber several times until he finally circled around. The feathered femme was relaxing against the wall as usual, and she looked up at him.

"'Nameless'?" He asked with an optic ridge raised as he glanced at her, then checked in the box. "Even I could've came up with a better name than that."

"You fool," 'Nameless' said, leaning forward and crossing her legs. "Of course that isn't my true designation. That's an absurd idea."

"Then what is it?" The enforcer asked.

The femme shook her head, replying, "I don't stick to one name; if anything, I have many different names. So many, that people have begun to call me nameless. I much prefer remaining anonymous, though it is quite the sensation to feel."

"What is?" Fortress Maximus was completely confused; lost too. The femme talked in circles hoping no one would figure her out, and he saw that.

"Your quarrels," she replied. "The fact that you wish to know about me. Curious, just like Chromedome and Goldgears. Noted."

She released a small chuckle, then cleared her throat. She acted as though dust was kicked up into her windpipe, since she hadn't laughed in so long.

"So," she continued unexpectedly, flicking her bell as she pinched it with the opposite hand. "Tell me; how are they?"

" . . . Who?" Fort Max asked as he stared at her, an optic ridge raised. The femme sighed.

"Chromedome. Goldgears." Nameless said. "A little birdie told me they weren't doing so well."

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