Chapter 9-The Trip

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Author's Pov

"I think we should do it.Pack your things guys.We will go to one place tomorrow.And all the mates,please wait in one of our room" Kris said.And the room full of sound from their mouth.

"Whats wrong Kris?" Chanyeol ask him when all the mates already in BaekYeol's room."We need to be careful.All of us know they want us.Please protect your mate.But,I have a good feelings that this trip will be perfect.No problems.Now,go pack your things" Kris tell the wolves.

They go to BaekYeol's room because their mates gather together in that room.When they open the door,they see the most person they love not smiling.Tao and Luhan almost crying.Kris and Sehun run to their mate and hug them tightly."Whats wrong?Tell me Baozi"Chen said to his 'Baozi'."We talk about the past and future.They missed school and home.Thats all.Don't worry" Xiumin tell his mate while smiling.The younger hug him while whispering that everything is fine."Guys,don't be sad.We have a trip tomorrow,remember?" Lay said with a smile on his face while walking towards Suho.

The next day start with a loud shout from Chanyeol."WAKE UP,EVERYONE!".Then he go to Baekhyun who was still sleeping on the bed."Baek,wake up"he said while caressing Baekhyun's cheeks.
"Give me four minutes" "I'll give you four minutes.Just like you want" then he kiss Baekhyun's cheeks.

XiuChen's room

"Ergh,that yoda is so noisy"Chen said.He already woke up about 15 minutes ago but he just stay cuddling with his lovely mate."Ergh,what was that sound just now.Its wake me up.I'm so sleepy" Xiumin said before he yawning."Thats Chanyeol.How can he make my sleepy baozi awake?I'll kick his ass" he wake up from the bed but sit back when Xiumin pull his right hand."Hey,i'm fine.I'm just-Hey!Don't pout duckie!" then the older hug Jongdae with a smile on his face.Chen hug him back and whisper 'I love you' to his baozi.

HunHan's Room

"Hannie,why doesnt you wear this shirt?It's nice"Sehun show the shirt to Luhan."If you like it then I'll wear it" "That's my Lulu" "Thank you Hunnie.What will you wear?" Luhan ask the maknae."I'll wear this shirt.The same colour with your shirt"

KaiSoo's Room

"Kai,did you see my shirt?I think I saw it just now" Kyungsoo ask him."Oh you mean this?" he show the shirt to Kyungsoo."Give me the shirt please" "Kiss me first"he put his finger on his lips.Kyungsoo just stay at his place,not move.Suddenly,he feel something soft on his lips.Because he was to shock,he push Kai away.His face become red."Aww,my Kyungie is shy :3" then he pull the shorter for a hug.

Sulay's Room

"Lay,wake up" Suho try to make Lay wake up but still,he cant.When he want to walk away,one strong arm pull him,make him fall on the bed beside Lay."Good morning Princess Unicorn" he said while smiling."Good morning.And hey!I'm not a princess" Suho pout make Lay chuckle."You're my princess and I'm your prince.Prince and Princess Unicorn" "You're cute" then both of them get ready for the trip.

TaoRis's Room

"Gege,what is the time right now?" Tao ask Kris who wake up before him."Its already 9:30 a.m.We need to breakfast.But first,you must take a bath first" Kris said while patting Tao's head."You'll wait here right?" "Yes I'll wait here.Don't worry baby panda"

BaekYeol's Room

"Baek,wake up.The four minutes is over.Wake up pretty boy" Chanyeol said to the sleepy Baekhyun."Yeollie,I'm so sleepy~" "Aww,we can eat after you take a bath" after Chanyeol finished his words,Baekhyun run to the bathroom.

After everyone sit at their place,Kyungsoo and Suho serve the food to the hungry kids.Then they sit beside their mate.At the table you can see,Kris is feeding his panda,Chen holding Xiumin's hand while eating,Kai want a hug from Kyungsoo,Baekhyun was gigling with Chanyeol,Luhan got a peck on his cheeks from Sehun and Lay was smiling sweetly to Suho."Okay everyone,we'll go now" Lay announce to them.

When they arrived,they was so happy.They pick their room and start to unpack their things.

Lay's Pov

After we unpack our things,we go out to eat and oh this place is Jeju Island.Tao was s excited.He take a lot of selcas.
But I don't know why Suho is so weird right now."Hey baby,are you okay?" he look at me and give me a warm smile."I'm just tired

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