Break Part 2

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We both settle down with the blankets wrapped around us.It was comfortable,warm and nice.

Cam shoots me a quick look before looking back at the TV screen. "Have you ever seen this before,Cam?" I ask. "Sure,my sister loves it so she made me watch it with her" Cam replies smiling.

I nod my head looking at the screen at the beautiful Alicia Silverstone. I then feel so bad for Matt. What the heck have I done? I think to myself. Well it's all been done now I can't go back. I'm very surprised that Cam has came over to comfort me.

" I know this is sudden but I'd like us to be good friends, y/n" Cam asks. "Sure" I smile back at him. His brown hair and deep brown eyes takes me by storm, I couldn't understand how someone so good looking can be single. I catch myself staring at him, I look away quickly hoping he wouldn't notice but he did.

"Why're you staring at me?"Cam asks giggling slightly. "Sorry I have no idea" I say embarrassed. He giggles once again which causes me to giggle with him.

"nice house you have by the way"Cam says. "Thanks" I reply. I look back at the screen again grabbing some popcorn. I feel so much better than I did, until I had a text from Jack.

"Hey y/n,
Sorry I drove off the way I did.
It wasn't because of you, I was just mad at Matt x x "

Cam looks at me and I show him the message. "I'll text him back later" I say more calmly than I thought I was. Cam smiles and asks "do you really like them y/n?" " I don't know, my heads spinning at the moment and I don't know what's right or wrong" I reply.

" I understand" Cam replies.

Sorry guys I haven't updated in 2 months but I've been busy with school and exam work. It's now the start of my summer so I'm going to update as much as I can!

Thank you guys for 14K! It's honestly amazing! If you have any suggestions or ideas please comment bc I love hearing off you guys!😋 xx

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