03 || Honeymoon with the Family

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It had been around a couple of weeks since Khushali's not so good 'Muh Dikhayi'. Everyone in Mehra family tried their best to not let Khushali feel guilty about it but still no use. Although Khushali put up a show that she was fine, Sidharth did notice how hard she was trying to be normal. He knew she felt terrible after that incident because no matter what, when a person is subjected to such nonsense over and over again they do start to see themselves as the culprit. 

And here too somehow Khushali believed herself to be responsible for Sagar's death. He knew, she had nothing to do with this but these stupid people just don't understand. Throughout the two weeks, he kept trying to cheer her up and not let her think once about that incident but whenever she was alone, her mind kept wondering about those harsh words. 

He wished there was a way to erase these negative things from her mind but it's not possible. But that didn't mean he wouldn't try to make her forget it all. He will do whatever is in his might to make her happy.

"Khushali beta today is your first Rasoi'. So you have to cook something sweet for us. If you need any help then just ask me or Mehwr, we'll help you out," said Aarti, who caressed Khushali's face with her hand. She felt really bad for Khushali after that disastrous Muh Dikhayi. For her, Khushali and Meher weren't just her daughter-in-laws but her daughters. She loved them just as much as she loved her own kids and hoped that Khushali get the happiness she deserved.

(First Rasoi is an Indian ritual in which the new daughter-in-law prepares a sweet dish for her new family for the first time and the family members give her gifts.)

"What are you planning to make for your first Rasoi Khushali?" asked Meher. 

Khushali, who was standing with the support of the kitchen cabinet, was startled with the sudden question. Khushali looked at her sister and said confusedly, "Umm I don't know Di. You tell me what should I cook?" 

Meher kept her finger on her cheek, thinking. Khushali smiled seeing her sister, who even after being an elder child, had always been a kid but she loved her elder sister a lot. 

"Kheer (rice pudding)! You know Sidharth and everyone else here loves Kheer. So you make Kheer for your first Rasoi, okay Khushu?" prompted Meher enthusiastically. 

Khushali nodded her head and said smilingly, "Okay Di, I'll make Kheer. Just tell me where you keep the ingredients and all then I'll start preparing." 

Meher mumbled sure and showed Khushali the cabinet and drawers in the kitchen where all the stuff was stored. After that Khushali made Meher leave the kitchen as she wanted to cook alone without her sister's help. Though Mehar was adamant on helping her but Khushali convinced her that she'll have no problem cooking alone. Meher halfheartedly left from there, leaving Khushali alone in the kitchen.

Khushali started preparing Kheer and after adding all the ingredients stood near the kitchen platform while the Kheer was being cooked. While cooking, she recalled how because of this Kheer she met Sagar for the first time........

"Khushali, go and give this Kheer to the guests sitting there with Tarun in the living room. C'mon go fast. They are your cousin brother's friends," said Khushali's mother, Muskan. 

A 20-year-old Khushali made a grumpy face looking at her cousin and his three friends but went with the tray containing bowls of Kheer toward her cousin. She knew the other two friends of her brother but she was unfamiliar with the third one. She kept the tray down and one by one passed all four of them the bowls. When she was passing the bowl to the last one, he smiled at her sweetly which strangely made Khushali blush and she lowered her gaze while his gaze were on her. 

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