Chapter (1)

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Taking in a deep breath as I stepped forward; I nod my head politely to the two doormen who pulled the large oak doors open. Revealing the long large wooden table which was occupied by guests and my family; the room was lit by the setting sunshine which filtered through the large open windows.

Silence fell in the room as I strolled towards the table. This did not discourage me, nor did it scare me, the silence would not defeat my confidence. A small smile appeared on my father's face as he arose from the head of the table. My father is a large man. No, he is not overweight; he has broad shoulders and a solid build; he is powerful- I did not view him as powerful because he was King, no I viewed him as powerful because of his strength. Little hair was left on his head; it had slowly disappeared through the years; his small beard was nicely trimmed. I returned his smile, as the rest of the table arose from their seats; no one dared stay seated, out of respect.

My eyes darted to the empty seat next to my brother; as a servant pulled the chair out for me to take. Liam had a large smile on his face. His green eyes sparkled with happiness as he ran his hand through short brown hair. Liam was well built, his dominant jaw was freshly shaven, to say he was simply viewed as handsome was a belittlement; he was beyond handsome.

My smile faltered as I took in his happy demeanour; if only he knew what this dinner was about, his happiness would then indeed dim. Nodding my head to my father, as he returned to his seat; the rest of the table soon followed. My father beamed with happiness and pride as he looked at me. I swiftly glanced down to the other end of the table, giving my mother a small smile.

My eyes gazed over the six empty seats across from me, my jaw tightened as I thought about the future occupants. Liam's hand went to mine under the table and gave it a quick squeeze; reassurance flooded my body at the small gesture, and a small smile reappeared on my face.

"White or Red my Royal Highness?" A waiter asked from my left side.

"Red please."

Low conversation began to return to the room and the tightness in the air began to lift. I let the wall that shielded my thoughts drop so my family could connect to me telepathically. "Finally, I have been dying to speak to you all day! Where have you been hiding?" Liam's voice boomed in my mind.

"Well one should not wish to eavesdrop in their sisters thoughts all day," I said as I casually sipped on my red wine. "It's not like you to hide away or keep secrets from me." Sighing I pulled my shield back up blocking any further communication. I loathed lying to Liam, though he would understand the cause soon enough for my strange behaviour.

Sending my father a pointed look; as I was sure he had heard mine and Liam's short conversation. The cracking open of the large oak doors brought myself out of my thoughts; as my eyes shot to the entrance of the dining room.

"King Alpha Griffin, Queen Griffin, Prince Griffin, Princess Griffin and Sir Alexander," a doorman's voice announced.

As the family began to make their way towards the table my father again arose from his seat. Instantly the table followed; bringing everyone to their feet once again.

Keeping an eye on the small family as they approached, I stared in amazement. If you didn't know better; you wouldn't expect this family to be one of the most powerful royal families in the world. Ours of course challenges them for the title; but that would soon be an issue of the past.

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