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As both of you exited the Mystery Shack, the cold breeze welcomed you again while Bill pulled you around, Annie's laugh was so loud that you could hear it from the outside of the shack, you sighed and followed Bill as he directed you to the clothing store.

You and Bill had arrived to a stop at a female's clothing store, Oh, how much you doubted Gravity Falls ever had clothing stores, Bill forcefully pulled you in and both of you started to 'ransack' through the whole store finding something that looks good and would fit you. After 2 helpless hours, you decided to buy these;   http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=162181860

[disturbing a/n note; sorry I keep using links and stuff for clothings, I don't talk fashion and I cant describe what these look like xP, yes these are picked and arranged by me]

You took out all the price tags and gave it to the irritated store clerk as you had already wore the clothings, he started to scan them while Bill paid the bill [wh—that rhymes I guess], you felt so much warmer in the gloves, scarves and knee high boots as you exited the store, today was a nice day, or so you thought.

"Hello friends!" A high pitched voice cut Bill off when he parted his lips, about to say something, both of you turned to the voice, which was right behind you, Gideon stood with a blonde white chick, with the familiar blazing amber eyes; The fangirl.

"Im with my best, beST, BEST cousin, Ace!" Gideon announced like how he would in a commercial

But how? You thought, Wasn't she gone?

The blonde only smirked at your reaction as she patted Gideon's white hair which stood high as always, Gideon only smiled while looking up at her,

"Hello Bill," She spoke, cutting eye contact with you as she took a step forward to Bill "Aren't you lonely here?"

You only glared at her, what did she mean by 'lonely'? Was she trying to make you explode?!

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at Bill, who only glanced at you and gave you a reassuring smirk,

"Oh Billy Bill, keep your eyes on me" The blonde flirt only got uncomfortably close too Bill, and lifted his chin with her index finger, Bill's face did not change or even react to her attempt to tease him,

"Im sorry, but I can't keep staring at eyesores, can't I? Plus, I only have one," She removed her finger from his chin and dramatically placed her hand over to her heart, "Oh Billy, don't be like this, that hurt my feelings!" she attempted to nuzzle Bill's chest but he only walked backwards in time, causing the blonde slut to almost fall over, all you could do right now was to hold back your jealousy and anger, your furious thoughts ran all over the places in your brain, it was only cut off by a touch on your arm, which gripped slightly tighter, before you know it, you were flipped into Bill's arms, who was carrying your bridal-style, he leaned over to kiss your forehead, which made the blonde mumble a few words and furrow her eyebrows.

"Sorry bimbo, but my heart only has space for her, and only her."

Bill grinned after he said that, and walked back to the Shack, leaving the blonde girl throwing tantrums in front of Gideon.


PS. You should be glad I didn't put cliffhangers in this chapter > w >

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