Friends? (Alex Gaskarth) - Dirty

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You and Alex had been friends in the past, best friends actually. Though, there always seemed a part of you that wanted more....


"Cassy! I have a surprise!" Alex yelled as he strolled into the room. It was your birthday, and Alex said that the entire day was supposed to be a huge surprise. It was unnerving to say the least.

"Aleeeeeeexxx. Just five more minutes! Pleassseeee!" You yelled trying to get in a little more sleep. You burrowed yourself in the blanket and hoped that he wouldn't try to tear it off. It was hot last night; so you had only slept in a bra and panties. It's not like it was weird that he sees you almost naked, you guys used to bathe together when you were toddlers. Your moms would say that the two of you would marry some day, you wish they were right.

"Seriously Cass... Don't make me pull the covers off. I'll do it!" he says playfully threatening you. You groan again.

"Seriously 'Lex.... Don't make me kill you. I'll do it!" You mimic him, he snickers at your bad impression. You smile under the blanket. His laugh is adorable.

"Pleeeaaaasseee Get Up! Pleeeaaaseee!" He begs like a child (or Jack) as he climbs on top of your blanket-covered body. He straddles your form and starts bouncing up and down on you. You groan again.

"Alright fat-ass! I'm up! I'm up!" You say while trying to wiggle your body out from under him.


After waking up and getting dressed, he sat you down in the kitchen of your house and made you breakfast. While you chew the pancakes he made, he stares at you intently. You try to avoid his eyes.

"Why are you staring at me?" You blurt out. He suddenly averts his eyes away from you. You blush.

"N-no reason. You just look so adorable." He muttered under his breath; hoping you didn't hear. You did.


Alex had been acting all shy and nervous all day, and now it was 6:00pm and he was taking you to the last surprise. A picnic for two, under the stars in his backyard. How did you know? You overheard him talking to Jack on the phone.

"So... Can I ask you something?" Alex asks as you sit down on the red checkered blanket. He takes a bottle of red wine, and two glasses out of the woven basket.

"You just did." You reply with a cocky smirk, he always loved how you could be just a snarky as he was. It was one of the reasons you two bonded so quickly and became friends.

"Can I ask you... Two more questions?" He asks after carefully thinking about it for a moment. You smile.

"You don't have to ask." You say.

"Okay, so.... hypothetically. If I kissed you, how would you react?" Alex asks while lifting himself onto his knees so he's sitting on his feet. Your cheeks turn red and you bite your lip. You had wanted this for a long time. Maybe it's finally happening...

"I don't know." you say with a small smile gracing your lips. "And neither will you until you try."

You move to sit identical to Alex.

"Um... O-okay." he says before swallowing the lump in his throat. You see him lean forward slowly and you think about how cute he looks when he's nervous.

That's when it happens, his lips meet yours in the middle of the picnic blanket and you smile against his lips. He moves his left hand to cup your cheek, and his right hand to the small of your back. He lays you down on the blanket, and nips at your lower lip. You open your mouth and deepen the kiss, you feel him move to lean over you.