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Because I wanted to make it up to Ashton, I told Luke that I couldn't hang with him today. Knowing him, I reassured a million times that it's just because I haven't been with Ashton lately and that I need to make time for him too. Luke's last message was just one word: Okay. I know it shouldn't bother me, but the thought of him being let down is such a sad thing to imagine. I made a mental note to finally introduce Luke to Ashton so we can all hang out together without me being stressed about how much time I'm investing in so-and-so. I've suggested that to Luke before, but he refused the moment the words left my mouth. I understood the discomfort he felt around other people, so I chose not to pursue the idea. I think he's ready now, though. Or I hope he is.

We were at the Cozy Cove, the greatest cafe slash bookshop in Queenstown. It's the most comfortable place on earth (besides my bed). It's a spacious cafe with platforms dividing areas with bookshelves lining all the corners. There are those low-level tables all around surrounded by soft and colourful pillows with different quotes on them. My favourite pillow is this green one with the words, "I'm soft and so is your butt" written on it. And the best thing about this place is the smell. Since the counter for ordering caffeine is just feet away, the smell wafts all around and even sticks to the pages of the books. Whenever I read here, I always sniff books like a madman. Why snort cocaine when you can snort books, basically. The walls where there are no bookshelves installed are decorated by cute little frames with random quotes and pictures in them. In other words, this place is tumblr as hell.

"If I die, bury me under this place, will you?" Ashton says with a sigh of contentment as he lays down on the pillows.

"I will never stop loving this place," I add. "What do you want? I'm gonna order."

"I'll have the regular, thanks love you," Ashton says with a giggle.

I flash a smile and make my way over to the counter. Because we come here so often, the barista has our orders memorized by heart. As I'm about to tell the barista that we'll have our regular, I realize Jake isn't here today. In his place is a tan-looking guy with fluffy black hair. His jaw line is so defined; I swear to god it can cut paper.

"Hi," he greets with a huge grin. "What'll you, uh, have?"

I smile and recite our orders without looking at the menu. I look at the barista's name tag and see that his name is Calum. What a nice name. And Calum has a nice face. He's just really nice to be honest. "Thanks, Calum. But I hope you don't mind me asking, where's Jake?"

Calum remains smiling as he punches in our orders. "You're welcome, love, and Jake's on leave because today's the day he'll propose to his girlfriend."

My smile widens as I hear the news. Jake has been telling us endless stories about how amazing his girlfriend is, and how he thinks she's the one. However, I still don't grasp the concept of someone being "the one." I don't objectify to love and all, but I just think "the one" is such an overused term that offers no explanation whatsoever. See, you may not notice, but the people around you are the ones. You wake up every day and see them, talk to them, encounter them. They're permanent parts of your daily life—they make it different for you. They're the ones. It shouldn't be based on just one single person. In my life, Ashton, my parents, Michael, and Luke are the ones. Luke isn't the one. He's part of the ones.

"The ship has sailed," I declare with a low laugh.

Calum nods. "I agree. Let's hope that it won't sink before it reaches land, though," he answers with the same smile still etched on his face. It's amazing how long he can keep it on, to be honest.

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