Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 12, Final Faceoff.

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Yuki gasped. "Your.. twin!" Chiyo grinned. "Thats not my only surprise." Chiyo winked at Yuki evily then turned to Zero. Zero leant down and hugged her. "You know about my sign, Yuki. Well, its not just there to make me look nice." The signs connected. There was a bright red, blinding glow. Yuki put her hand to sheild her eyes. "What?!" Yuki looked at the two of them in astonishment. The glow lasted a few more seconds, then it soon faded away. Chiyo let go of Zero and laughed, then turned to the two purebloods with her sparkling red eyes. "Shizuka bit me also when i was young, and this was the soul reason why she did." Chiyo streched her arm out to her right, her eyes not leaving Yuki's. Suddenly, a mirror in line with her hand, started to crack, then shattered to pieces. Kaname pulled Yuki close to him. Zero reached into his shirt and pulled out the bloody rose. Kaname pushed Yuki behind him, in a bid to protect her. Zero aimed at Kaname. "Kaname no!" Yuki pushed Kaname to the side, away from the firing line. "Bang!" Zero shot a bullet, hitting  Yuki in her arm. "Yuki!" Yuki held her arm and dropped to her knees.

Kaname rushed to Yuki's aid. Kaname stood up, angry. He put his hand into his jacket, and pulled out the vampire hunters sword. His face wore such a raged expression, that he was most likely to burst from anger. "Your going to regret doing that, Zero." Kaname put both his hands on the sword and lunged for Zero. "No!" Chiyo jumped infront of Zero. "Chiyo! What are you..." The sword got driven straight through Chiyo's heart. "NO!" Kaname pulled the sword out of Chiyo, then took a step backwards. Zero caught Chiyo as she fell into him. "Chiyo!" Zero's voice was quivering from a mixture of sorrow and shock. Kaname pulled Yuki to her feet, and in an instance, they were gone.

Zero slowly lowered the wounded Chiyo to the ground. "Chiyo.. Why..." Zero's eyes started to fill with tears. "I did it for you, Zero." A tear trickled down Zero's cheek. "Now, Zero, in a matter of minutes, you will become an Original. In order to save you, i had to sacrifice myself. I knew this from the very beggining." Zero shook his head. "No! No!" Chiyo continued. "Zero, please dont hate me for my actions. I did what i did, so that you could live the best life you could. Even though you have only just met me, i have know about you scince i was bitten, when i was 9. I vowed that with my power, i would pass my original gense on to you, seeing as though i couldn't pass them on to Maria." More tears started to fall down Zero's face. "I would have been fine, you didnt have to do.." Chiyo inturupted. "Yes, i did. The purpose of my life has been to look after Maria, and to team up with my blood bound brother, which is you Zero." Chiyo smiled at Zero. "Chiyo, please, dont die! I keep on losing everyone that i love!" Chiyo put a hand on Zero's face. "You love me, Zero?" Zero grabbed Chiyo's hand that was on his face. Chiyo smiled. "I can now die happy." Zero looked down to Chiyo with more and more tears streaming down his face. "I have allways loved you, Zero, ever scince i was a young girl." Chiyo put her hands on Zero's face, and pulled him down to her. Their lips met for the first and last time. The kiss lasted a few, long, intense seconds, then Chiyo started to glow a bright white. "Before i leave, please promise me one thing. Look after Maria for me, she will be all alone now, she needs you. Now with you having the power of an original, you can protect her. Maria knows what i had to do." Zero nodded. "I will use whats left of my life to protect her, for you." Chiyo smiled. "Its time for me to go now, Zero." Zero shook his head. "No Chiyo, please! DONT!" A tear floated down her cheek. "Goodbye, Zero." Now, the girl that was once before Zero, shattered to millions of pieces. "NO!" Zero screamed. He couldn't control his feelings at that moment. He broke down in tears. He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see maria kneeling before him.

"Zero, Chiyo sin't gone. In my whole life, I have only been half a person, half Maria. My other half has been Chiyo. I promised to Chiyo that we would be together forever, and this was the only way that we could. Chiyo's spirit now lives inside of me." Zero covered his face with his hands. Maria put her arms around Zero. "It's still Chiyo, just in Maria's body." Zero's body shook with sorrow. Maria closed her eyes and smiled, remebering what her twin had told her. I will allways live on in you, Maria. We will finaly be together, permenantly. Zero and Maria stayed in the same position for a long time.

*Flashback to Chiyo explaining to Maria*

"Maria, i have to do something that you will most likely hate me for." Maria stood staring confusingly at Chiyo. Chiyo sat Maria down on her bed. "In order to stay with you forever, i must give my life up." Maria's eyes widened. "No Chiyo ,you cant!" Chiyo told maria to hush. "Just listen to what i have to say first, before you judge me." Maria started to shake at the thought of loosing her twin once more. "In this life, my perpous is to pass on my Original gese, to meet my blood brother and to protect you. I have limited power whilst in this body, to fully protect you, i must use my spirit alone. Tomorrow night, i must be killed in order to make everyone's futures brighter. With my genes passed on to Zero, he can protect you much better than i can. My spirit will live on in you, and partly in Zero. I will tell him his duty in my last seconds. Trust me, Maria, this is the best way for me to be with you. I have lived my life of 678 years, now its time you live yours." Maria stared ahead at the floor. "I have been alive as long as you have,  i have lived my life, i dont see why you should have to sacrifice yourself for me!" Chiyo sighed. "This is why mother turned me. You have only live half your life, and thats as a child, your new life begins when i pass on to the afterlife." Chiyo stood up. "Maria, please. This is what i want!" Maria hugged Chiyo tightly. "Chiyo, i will miss you so much! I wish for a future where we can both live!" Maria started to cry. Chiyo put her arms around Maria. "But i will keep on living, Maria." Chiyo and Maria hugged for another few minutes, then Chiyo let go of Maria. "I must leave now, i will see you tomorrow, right before the final faceoff." Chiyo's hands left Maria's as she walked out.

( Stay tunned for THE FINAL EPISODE! Episode 13, The protector.)

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