Chapter 20

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(Your POV)

You woke up the next morning in Ciel's bed,noticing both you and Ciel were naked.Remebering what Ciel said last night a smile came to your face as you softly spoke the words "My Contract."With that Ciel woke up yawning.You grabbed your things and left the room and went straight to yours before your father came for Ciel.'I'm sorry father,i honestly have no clue what happened last night.'You closed your room door and your back slid down the door.You jumped when you heard two knocks on the door."Y/N,will you help me prepare breakfast."Your father asked."U-Uhh....Yes!"You said quickly,getting up and opening the door.

~Time Skip~

"Y/N,Mey-rin,Finnian,and Baldroy,please don't destroy the manor while me and the young master are away."Your father said as you all nodded.You knew those three had no clue what your father said."Y/N,don't leave the manor.I mean it."Your father said looking you in the eye.'I don't have a soul but when he does that i feel like i have one,and it feels like he's peircing it.'Ciel smiled at you then him and your father left."5....4....3....2....1...."You counted down as you heard a big boom."AHHHH!"You heard finny scream as he ran in with his hair on fire.You blew out the fire and went to the kitchen doing the same."Bard,no cooking."You said Calmly.

"Finny stay where you are so you don't get hurt."You said as you caught Mey-rin before she hit the ground and caught all the dishes."She's just like Sebastian."Mey-rin said blushing in embarrassment.You closed your eyes and smiled."Well,im very intrigued,to hear you that."You said putting Mey-rin back on her feet."Now,unless you want to be attending my funeral dont destroy the manor,ill be gone for a while but ill be home before dinner."You said walking out the door.You waited until you got further away from the mansion and started flying.

You flew towards London until you saw a red head and you can't mistaken him for someone else."Grell."You spoke softly to your self.You flew down to Grell and jumped on top of him."WHAT THE HE-Y/N?"Grell yelled.You smiled and got off him."Why are you here?"Grell asked as you helped him up."Well my father and Ciel left the manor and i got bored."You said as you twiddled your thumbs."Okay let's go get some tea."Grell said in a friendly way.You never told anybody but you've been stalking your father and Grell never seemed so friendly.You felt someone grab you and pull you into the air.

"Grell,william has been looking for you."You heard an unfamiliar voice say.Grell jumped after you."Ronald put her down!"You heard William say from a distance."Her?"The man,supposedly Ronald,asked clueless."I see you've found my daughter."Your father said popping out of nowhere."Hi daddy."You said smiling and waving."I told you not to leave the manor!"Your father said well......rather harshly."Well if i get in trouble Alois and Ciel will save me from you."You said sticking out your tongue.

"Y/N.....Alois is dead."Your father said carefully.Just then your whole world fell apart.Alois and Ciel are both dear to you."W-Why,do i keep l-losing those who are dear to me?"You said.Trembling as your body overcame with sadness you felt tears roll down your face."W-Who killed him?"You asked."I believe it was Faustus."Ronald said.You sniffed around as you smelt the smell of a demon about 1.0 miles away.You went running in that direction.'I'll kill you Claude!'

You stopped at a building and quickly ran inside.You looked in every room until you found Claude.You ran to Claude and slapped him as more tears poured out."Why?Why would you kill him you bastard!!Why!?Why?!Why?!Why?!"You said hitting him repeatedly.

"Young Master!"You heard your father yell.Claude got up and walked over to ciel,which you had just noticed was here,and whispered something in his ear.Ciel stood up."Yes i know."Ciel said pointing at your father."Sebastian this is an order,leave now and stay out of my sight!"Ciel said."C-Ciel....."You said softly.'What's happening!'

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