chapter 7

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Abby's pov

I wondered the woods, i felt so weak. My tears rolled down my face, some were stained. My eyes burned as my wolf, walked me threw the trees. I heard twigs break as I, stiffed up and my tail went between my legs. A deep growl filled my ears and I knew who it was. It was no other than Sebastian, his black wolf was giant and stalked me, Stacy took pleasure in this making my tail wag a bit. He pinned me down under him as I held my paws in surrender. "why?! why Abby?! Why are you running away from me!" He yelled and growled at me.

"Because!" I spat and gained my courage again, as I got from under him. He growled, as I backed away from him. He's eyes were piercing into mine, making me look away on the nearest tree. "Because why!?" he growled walking forward to me. Me being me I haven't thought farther enough of this conversation. "Because, Why do you care?! Why do you honestly fucking care about what I do!?" I growled back and took a step forward, I need to start sticking up for myself.

He looked taken back, I took this to be my opportunity to fight back. I let out a couple deep growls. "You don't love me! You never did! that is why you beaten me for all those years. You've damaged me, you've teased me. Just to top it off, you played with me when that little bitch didn't want you! Then what do you possible want from me! What can I honestly give you?!" I yelled with all my might, hoping i got the message threw.

He looked at me with anger, "fine if you want to be that way, get out my territory. Even better choice go kill your self!" He spat at me. My heart broke in a million pieces, as my ears went down in a flash. "W-what?" Was all I could say as my legs wanted to cave in. My mind told me to run, run far away and then my wolf wanted me to stay. Sebastian looked at me with a strong angry look and then in his eyes you knew he wasn't telling the truth. "I want you out of my territory and dead!" He spat, I growled "won't you tell the truth. What does you heart want. What does your heart really, truly wants." I said with a flat, dull voice and with that his eyes softened and tears started flowing "I-
Haha cliff hanger. Love ya guys next one is soon.

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