Ch. 5 Like old times

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Katniss' P.O.V.

Peeta clears his throat and I realize I'm still clinging onto his hand.

"Sorry" I mutter, doing my best to avoid eye contact.

I awkwardly smile as I let go and his hand falls back to his side. I open my mouth, about to invite him over but I stop myself. I can't. Things could ever go back to the way they were before the war. It's just too complicated and it would be too confusing.


I start to go in the opposite direction of him but stop when I hear his voice. "Katniss wait!" He's barely audible, but it's loud enough to hear. Hesitant but certain. Before I allow myself to pretend like I don't hear him, my feet stop moving. I mentally kick myself. I close my eyes and hold my breath. "Katniss?" Peeta calls, a little louder now. I spin around. "Yeah?" I say staring at my boots.

"Um can we talk?"

"Peeta, I don't-"

"Please, just come to my house for a little." He says stepping closer.

I look up at him, into his blue eyes. I can't say no.

"Okay." I say quietly, nodding my head.

"Really?!" he smiles, the corners of his eyes wrinkling.

"Why not." I say. The walks not long, and we're at Peeta's house in a matter of seconds. It's not until he lets go to get his keys out of his pocket that I realize he's holding my hand.


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