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Pen Your Pride

Ch 1: Summer

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Charlie's POV:

Hi, my name is Charlie Jackson (*dramatically flips hair*) and I'm the son of Percy and Annabeth Jackson. I'm 13 years old and I have blond hair and green eyes. School is finally over and summer has started. Me and my 3 siblings are in the car driving to Camp Half-Blood.

You see summer is when I get to spend the most time with my best friends Meredith Grace, RJ Stoll, and Ellie Valdez. We were only all together in the summer because Meredith had moved to New Jersey and Ellie lived in Pennsylvania. I couldn't wait to see them both.

Anyway, back to the present....

We pull up to the front entrance to Camp Half-Blood. I hopped out of the car and grabbed my bag, my family following.

"Okay, kids stay safe, and tell Chiron we say hello!" My mom said tearing up again.

"Mom, we will be fine. We'll see you soon." I said hugging both my parents and my twin siblings Luke and Selena then running towards the Poseidon cabin with Zoe following. I watched as my parents led Luke and Selena to Athena cabin from the my cabin door.

My parents had decided it would be best if we all started out in the Athena cabin with other kids and then we could slowly move to the Poseidon cabin.

I don't think Selena and Luke will want to move though when they come to camp. They show way more Athena genes.

"Zoe, I'm going to go to the bunker." I said walking out.

"Ok. I'm gonna unpack my then I'll catch up with you!" She yelled after me.

Leo's old bunker had become a hang out for Meredith, RJ, Zoe, Ellie, Tristan and I. Ellie had inherited Leo's skills so she was always building something when we were there. Tristan is Meredith's little brother. He hangs out with us sometimes but he also hangs with his other friends too.

I walked through the woods to the bunker. Once I arrived at the entrance I opened the door to see Ellie sitting at her table trying to stick two pieces of wire together.

"Hey Ellie. How was school?" I said walking over to give her a hug.

"Oh hey Charlie," she said looking up at me smiling. "it was great, how was yours?"

"Alright I guess," I answered. "Hey where's Meredith and RJ?" I asked her.

"RJ's not here yet and oh Meredith is up there getting me some things off the high shelves," she laughed looking toward the ceiling.

"Meredith!" I called out.

"Charlie, catch!" A voice said from the ceiling. I looked up to see Meredith falling towards me. I caught her in my arms and we laughed. Meredith was Jason and Piper's daughter and she had shoulder-length brown hair and eyes that seemed to change color. I had a huge crush on her. I planned on taking my dad's advice and asking her out this summer...maybe.

"Thanks Fish Face," she said jumping up.

"Showing off much?" I said as we both sat down on the stools at Ellie's table.

"Please, I've got no need to show off, everyone knows I'm perfect," She said smirking.

"Ok sure...." I laughed. Before she could argue back the bunker door opened. We turned our heads to see RJ making an entrance.

"The party don't start 'til I walk in," he sang walking over to us.

"I missed you RJ," Meredith said giving him a hug. RJ then turned to hug me.

"I missed you so much, bro," He said dramatically.

"I saw you three hours ago at school," I said.

"That was so long ago." He said whining. "Hey did you see Lola Summers today?"

"Dude come on." I said.

"What? She looked hot!" He said.

"You guys are disgusting." Ellie said.

"Hey, RJ is the one who said it not me," I defended putting my hands in the air. Meredith just giggled. She looked so cute when she giggled. Man I had it bad.

That was my one goal this summer, get Meredith Grace to fall in love with me.

Hey guys I hope you liked the first chapter! I have some really great ideas for this story. Remember this is a sequel to Percabeth: Their Future, but you do not have to read that before this. Thanks for reading! ❤️

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