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I walked in my front door, immediately ready to see my little sister.

Jalicia was my three year old sister. we had the same dad, Issac. our dad died exactly three years ago, when I was 13. every since then my life had been hell, and it didn't get any better when my moms boyfriend Michael came about.

when my dad died my mom went into a state of depression. she was constantly crying and down. it was jsut bad timing for his death because my mom was pregnant with my little sister.

I was breaking down myself but its like i was the parent because i was trying to console my mom, since she was pregnant. i didn't want her stressing or anything.

I felt like it should've been the other way around. she shouldve been making sure I was okay since i was only 13 years old. good thing my baby sister came out healthy, but things didn't get better.

my mom was still down and always saying what am I going to do with two kids all by myself. she would even take her anger out on us sometimes. i didn't like the women my mother had became at all.

Before when my dad was living, she was always so happy and smiling. we would do things together and it was so perfect but its like she turned into a different person that i didnt like at all.

she finally became stable enough but her way of thinking she would feel better was by men. she would bring different men in and out of the house.

I was never around though because she would send me to my room. I knew she was only sleeping with them and that was it because i would never see the same man twice.

I would have to take care of my new born sister and keep her away from those men or any harm.

From me having to make sure my mom was okay and not stressing when she was pregnant, to me basically taking care of my baby sister, i always felt like my life started way before it was suppose to. I was only 13 years old with responsibilities of an adult.

I would have to go to the store and get the things my little sister needed. bad thing about it was the area we use to live in was no good at all. i use to have to walk to the local store and get things we needed while my mom was back home mourning my fathers death.

i would have to deal with the junkies and crack heads that were standing on the side of the store and the perverted men that found interest in 13 year old girls. it was so bad but i refuse to let my sister starve or not be fed just because my mom wouldn't even go out and get her some milk. so these were risk i was willing to take just so my little sister was straight.

Then it got even worse when my mom met Micheal. He wasn't like the rest, where as they were a hit and quit, he actually stuck around. I hated this man from the jump. yeah he was nice to my mom, telling her all the things she wanted to hear. she was at a venerable state due to the fact that my dad just passed.

All of that he was feeding my momma was a bunch of bullshit because i seen the looks he use to give me. I was going on 14 when he came around, i was old enough to know when a man is looking at me in a certain way.

i never said anything to my mom because i didn't want to ruin her happiness. my dad had just passed and Michael was helping her get over the pain and i can honestly say, i saw that same smile i use to see when my dad was around.

I thought he was a good man not until i noticed the looks he would give me, i knew his intentions were not good at all. i didn't have it in my mind to tell my mom until one day he went to far.

i remember waking up from my sleep and walking into the living room to see Michael sitting on the couch. he was smoking and watching tv. i walked all the way in and asked where my mom was, he stood up and walked over to me with this look in his eyes that would scare any little girl if a grown ass man was giving her the look. He told me that she had stepped out just minutes before i woke up, to go to the local store.

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