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Chapter 28

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"Let's go on the ferris wheel." I gripped Harry's hand.

I attempted to move forwards but he stood rigid, remaining frozen to the spot. His gaze tilted up to the top of the ride. Small children were happily calling down to their parents who watched on from below.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Are you sure you don't want to go on anything else?" He peered round.

He shifted on his feet, hard gaze on me. A look flashed through his eyes that I hadn't witnessed before. I smiled at him as he warily stared back.

"Are you scared of heights, Harry?" I pried.

His jaw tightened.

"No, I'm not scared." He protested. "I'm just not comfortable with being that far off the ground." He grumbled, gesturing to the tall wheel.

I couldn't help but giggle. But I soon became quiet as I looked to beautiful guy stood in front of me.

"Bo." Harry sternly warned.

"It's fine, I'll go on my own."

I started to walk away, queuing up for the line before I heard Harry let out an exasperated huff. I peeked up to him, jaw still set tight.

"No." He hastily replied. I watched him heavily sigh, closing his eyes. "You're not going on your own."

Sometimes his over-protective nature came in handy. He intently observed me as I gripped his shoulder, standing on my tiptoes.

"Don't worry. I'll hold your hand if you like."

"Ugh, stop patronising me." He complained as I laughed.


"Worst ride ever." Harry grumbled.

"You might have enjoyed it if you hadn't spent the whole time with your eyes closed. The view was amazing." I smiled.

I refused to listen to his complaining, something taking my eye behind where Harry stood.

"Come on." I gripped his hand.

We came to an abrupt stop in front of an amusement stool.

"That turtle is mine." I narrowed my gaze on the stuffed toy.

Harry was laughing as he handed a couple of quid over to the attendant.

"Love to see this." He teased.

I'd prove him wrong. The man behind the stand explained I needed to knock over the three cans stacked up at the back. I was given three green balls. My first two shots came frustratingly close, just skimming the cans. Harry watched on with a smirk before I knocked over two of the annoying obstacles for my prize.

"Oh come on!"

Harry laughed.

"I've got the accuracy, just need the power." I mumbled.

"Let me have a go." Harry spoke, bumping my hip to nudge me out the way.

I watched on to witness Harry knock over the three cans with one ball spare. He turned to me, a smug grin on his face.

"I loosened them up for you." I spoke.

"Yeah, yeah." He handed me the turtle he had won.

"Thank you!" I gushed, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

We were about to walk away when a mum and her small daughter went up to Harry. The little girl clung onto her mother's hand, hiding slightly behind her legs as she stared up at Harry with her mouth agape.

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